Caption This: What’s Going on in this Photo? (Bareghamyan)


Vice President Joe Biden, tested the limits of personal space as he held onto the wife of newly-appointed US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, after his swearing-in ceremony.

Perhaps Biden was looking for a new perfume to buy for his wife, and Stephanie Carter’s scent seemed to be an irresistible choice. But by the look of Mrs. Carter’s face and her tense posture, Biden’s grip on her shoulders was far from making her feel comfortable.

Or maybe Biden was hanging on to any glimmer of hope that he still may have some game with the ladies. But instead of whispering sweet nothings into Mrs. Carter’s ear, he should have been more concerned about how much of Saks Fifth Avenue he would need to purchase in order to make it up to his wife.

However, this was not the first time the president’s second-in-command has displayed cringe-worthy behavior toward undeserving targets. Just last month, Biden was photographed touching Delaware senator Chris Coons’ visibly mortified 13-year-old daughter, Ashley.

Nonetheless, Biden has created a social media frenzy, with all eyes on his more-than-touchy and borderline creepy conduct.

Fellow Americans, stay on the lookout for Biden headlining as “This Century’s Playboy” on the cover of the next issue of AARP Magazine, distributed in your local nursing homes.


Lusine Bareghamyan is a fourth-year international studies major. She can be reached at