Ferrell and Hart bring the ‘Hard’ Laughs

Courtesy of Warner Bros

Courtesy of Warner Bros

The comedy duo of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell who have collaborated on films including “The Anchorman” and “Talladega Nights” are at it again with “Get Hard.” Along with fellow comedian Kevin Hart, this co-production is, at best, wildly immature and extreme with its brand of humor. That’s not exactly a bad thing, however.

The story centers on extremely wealthy hedge fund manager James King (Will Ferrell), who is portrayed as racially ignorant and very naïve. He is soon wrongfully arrested for fraud and embezzlement. Instead of doing anything to help his own situation, James expresses his faith in the justice system. He’s then sentenced to prison for 10 years. With only 30 days to finish whatever business he has left, James becomes fearful of not being able to handle prison life.

In comes Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart), a hard-working family man who owns a car wash in the building that James works at. Although Darnell has never been in prison, or even gotten a parking ticket for that matter, James assumes he has based on Darnell’s ethnicity and economic status. Darnell takes advantage of this, offering James a “training program” to be ready for prison at the cost of $30,000.

Of course, shenanigans ensue, and the constant stream of gags becomes rather exhausting. Throughout the rest of the film, Darnell and James put themselves in situations that show just how little they actually know about prison itself.

The jokes can’t really be considered tasteful to say the least, with graphic nudity, homophobia, white supremacy, gangs and a number of other touchy subjects being the majority of the movie. There are stereotypes galore. Despite this, these jokes can be entertaining when taken at face value, as everything that goes on in this movie is more or less satire. Because of that, the sheer stupidity, ridiculousness, and spontaneity of all the situations James and Darnell get themselves into are what make the film so fun to watch.

The chemistry between Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart is excellent. Both of these seasoned comedians seem to know when and when not to take the comedy spotlight. Many times, one becomes the center of the joke, while the other lends his support. The dynamic isn’t so much a straight man and funny man act, but two funny men reacting to each other in a variety of ways. A lot of the time, it feels as if they’re improvising throughout a number of their scenes, which only adds to just how genuine they seem alongside each other. The fact that Ferrell is a towering 6’3” to Hart’s 5’4” only adds to the comedic effect.

“Get Hard” is simply a very raunchy film. The scenes were funny to an extent, and I genuinely laughed or chuckled a number of times as I witnessed all the antics they had to offer.


ONLY RECOMMENDED IF: You aren’t easily offended. There are a lot of controversial subjects that come into play with this movie’s jokes, but if you can get past that, it’s a decent watch.