UC Doctors Set To Strike This Week

Doctors stationed at all 10 UC student health centers will go on strike later this week, protesting unfair labor practices by the university administration.

This marks the second time this year the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) have called for university doctors to go on strike, making this movement the first doctors’ strike in U.S. history within the past 25 years. Student health doctors associated with the UAPD in 2013 in an effort to increase resources dedicated to student health.

“For more than a year, UC said it could not afford to make the changes needed to attract and retain student health center doctors. Recently, they admitted they can afford to improve health care on campus, they just choose not to,” reported UAPD President Dr. Stuart A. Bussey in a statement. “We continue to push hard for this financial information because we believe UC has enough resources to improve student health care. They can make student health a priority.”

UC Vice President of Human Resources Dwaine Duckett stated that most of the UAPD’s terms have been met and negotiated, excluding any economic issues brought forward. For the union, UC’s refusal to provide any financial information remains the largest issue. Lack of this information, according to the union, obstructs from fair negotiations.

“We are disappointed that the union has chosen to stage strikes for the second time in three months instead of negotiating to resolve the remaining issues,” Duckett said in a statement.

“UC is taking appropriate steps to ensure our students will have uninterrupted access to the medical services they need at our campus health centers during these strikes,” said Duckett. “Strikes that negatively impact our students will not resolve a labor dispute.”

The upcoming protest is planned to take place over the next two weeks, with northern California student health centers going on strike starting April 9-13. Southern California campuses, including UC Irvine, will be going on strike the following week from April 11-15.

UC officials also clarified that this only affects student health centers and not UC medical centers or hospitals. The centers will remain open during the strikes and will still be treating students.