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Lloyd Sicard: Striving for Success

Courtesy of UCI Media Athletics
Courtesy of UCI Media Athletics

Athlete-entrepreneur is not the most common of career combinations. Running hurdles with a time so fast he is recognized nationally, Lloyd Sicard does more than just run and jump.

On Saturday, May 16, Sicard won the Big West Hurdles Championship. Unsurprisingly, he was awarded the Big West Conference Player of the Week twice this season. Sophomore Sicard ranks first in the Big West this season with a time of 13.78 seconds for the 110 meter-hurdles. As his stats continue to improve, Sicard also progresses into the athlete he worked himself up to be.

With his fastest time last year being 14.01 seconds, his initial mindset coming into college was not one of progression but one focused on winning. It was not until the summer before his sophomore year that he decided he needed to stop and think about how to improve. His mentality from winning quickly changed into a mindset of steadily learning how he could get better. From then on, his times have continually been getting lower and lower.

He was no longer thinking about his time, he was thinking about the technicalities of his races. How could he have a clean race? What techniques could he use as he approached his hurdles?

Starting off as a football player in his first two years of high school, Sicard never thought he would be jumping hurdles. He was a part of the track team all four years of his high school career, but for the first two years, he was solely focused on running. One day, his coach placed a hurdle in front of his lane during practice and told him to jump over it. His perfect jump shocked the coach and even himself. He hasn’t looked back since.

He ended up dropping football his junior year and going in 100 percent with hurdles. Unlike many athletes, Sicard loves the independence hurdles have to offer.

“I don’t have to rely on people to do great, and that gives me control over the outcome of my success. In basketball (for example), sure you can have one player that takes control in a game, but there are still four other players on the court that help you get those points. Don’t get me wrong, track is definitely a team game in the way we train and help one another. I would hate if I came out to the track field one day and it was just me by myself out there. But the difference is that I don’t need to depend on my teammates for my success,” Sicard said.

With that being said, Sicard also understands that he can’t blame anyone either for the outcome of his loses. He described the influence he has over his victories or failures as “quality control.”

“When you lose, you lost. Track is considered a team sport in the way it’s scored, but in the terms of individual events, it’s you on that lane, you and the shot-put ring, you jumping those hurdles. You put in all the work to do that one individual event. You don’t rely on others,” Sicard said.

Sicard’s crave of being in control of his results has been directly transferred to another one of his passions: fashion.

He fell in love with clothing sometime in high school and ended up creating his own clothing line his senior year. His brand, MOA, acronym for My Own Authority, has been an outlet of self-expression. He caught himself thinking about what the designers of his favorite brands were thinking when they made their clothing. He wondered what inspired their graphics and what was the creative process that went into making their clothes.

“I wouldn’t say I’m loopy, but I’m definitely goofy and I’m a real deep thinker. I think about things in a different light than most people. I love when people can express their minds and creatively transfer that onto types of clothing. The creative side of life is a lot better than the logical in my opinion,” Sicard said.

As the owner and founder of MOA, Sicard encourages to, “Believe in yourself. Never fold. Break Stride. Do you.” He wants to pursue fashion and art and have his boutique that carries all his favorite brands, including his own. He also wants to get into sports marketing, specifically for track.

With MOA progressing slowly, Sicard continues to bring out new collections every season or so, and keep things steady. His website currently shows just a few different T-shirt designs. Within the upcoming weeks, he says to look out for some hats, windbreakers, long sleeves and new designs.

Just like the progression of his hurdles time, Sicard continues to think creatively and technically about how to increase revenue and attract more customers to his brand. Maybe one day, MOA will be recognized nationally, just like his race time.