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A Sneak Peek Into Next Year’s Editorial Board: Who were you in a past life?


I believe, if I were to be anyone in a past life, it would be Issac Asimov. As a writer I find myself gravitating passionately towards the realm of science fiction. This is all the more appropriate, given Asimov’s place in the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

Author of I, Robot and Foundation, Asimov’s literary style matches my own. Personal style in terms of what he wore is also much like what I would choose to wear on a daily basis, typically consisting of a suit and tie. The glasses are also a shared signature feature among the both of us.

–Abel Saldana, second-year English Major, Copy Editor



I think in a past life I was Hunter S. Thompson. That’s a bit pretentious to say, but I don’t really care what people say because I’m a rebel, just like him. He was a journalist who became famous for bullshitting an article at the last minute before a deadline and created an entirely new genre just because he was brilliant at procrastinating. I do everything last minute and so far I have an A in all my classes and I’ve been told my articles for the newspaper are pretty good. If I’m not him, I at least want to be him. I’ve got the weirdness down so I guess I just need the talent.

–Roy Lyle, first-year Literary Journalism major, Associate Opinions Editor


In a past life, I was a photojournalist located in a far-away land, possibly in the Middle East or Africa. While I was there, I was taking pictures of all sorts, in an attempt to tell vivid stories of people, places and things through photographs. One thing that really defines my character is curiosity — I am naturally intrigued by the world and the many fascinating, shocking, and awe-inspiring subjects that it consists of. As a photographer — specifically a photojournalist — I thrive off of opportunities to explore my curiosity and capture it in image form.

–Jack Yu, second-year business administration major, Photo Editor


I remember walking on four legs and having a really loud voice when angered. I do recall living and playing with two men whose names were John and Anthony.

They kept me in a small area in what they called an “apartment.” However I was growing too big. When I jumped on one of my owners, I was nearly as tall as he was!

They sent me back to this really hot place, called “Africa” or “the wild.” I had my own family, but I still saw my old owners on occasion.

I did my research and my name was Christian, a lion in a past life. My owners also wrote a book about me, Christian the Lion.

–Tristan Lim, first-year English major, News Editor


In my past life, I was a teenager by the name of Edward Elric. Born in the village of Resembool in the country of Amestris, I attempted to bring my dead mother back to life through the forbidden alchemy. Unfortunately, this backfired on me and my brother Alphonse greatly. During the ritual, my brother lost his body and I had to sacrifice my right arm to seal his soul within a suit of armor. In order to restore our bodies, I spent my entire life searching for the legendary Philosopher’s Stone, and I was known as the Fullmetal Alchemist.


–Brendan Yu, fourth-year literary journalism major, Editor-in-Chief


The curtain rises, the lights beam on, the audience settles and I begin. A world transforms into something new, magical, heart-breaking. When I open my eyes, the aria begins and each tiresome hour of practice finally has purpose, meaning. Tears stream down my face by the time the song has ended, the audience delicately, politely wipes away their weeps.

It’s 1865, Italy. One of my past lives, an opera singer, involved my immersion into the fantastical world of sweeping vocals, ornate costumes and tragic plotlines. I can convey so much and control an entire theatre with the power of one note.

Or maybe I was an oak tree.

–Savannah Peykani, second-year film and media studies and literary journalism double-major, Associate Features Editor


In my past life, I would have to say that I was a head coach for a professional basketball team. My love for sport growing up went beyond simply playing them. I began to pay close attention to analysts on pre-game and post-game shows for sporting events. Seeing how a simple play can be constructed out of a playbook always has fascinated me. Coaching, however, goes far beyond the court. A good coach teaches their players to become better people in society and how to mature as human beings. My current interests in sports analysis and education work hand in hand and could produce a good coach for a team. The many dreams I have of coaching a team to their first ever championship ultimately make me believe that I was a coach in my past life.

–Juan Gonzalez, second-year literary journalism major, Sports Editor


In my past life, I was a sunflower; upright, bright, face turned to the sun, but also with gross brown stuff at my core. I enjoyed the gentle breezes that would pass me by, tickling my leaves and sometimes taking one of my petals for its own. But then I got trampled by a wayward walker…I hated living in AldricH Park.

–Cheyda Arhamsadr, third-year public health policy major, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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My past life was spent living with thousands of ants all identical to myself. Life as an ant has taught me the value of collectivism in building a strong and productive community. I was attracted to the New University because it offers the same loving support system that I experienced as an ant.  I believe I was a faithful army ant who diligently patrolled the many ant hills of my prosperous colony.  I can recollect many great ant battles where me and my fellow ants fended off spiders, termites and red ants. After many years of services I eventually died after accidentally ingesting Raid bait in a Norte apartment.

–Mitchell Magat, fourth-year mechanical engineering major, Managing Editor