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What Movie Made Your Summer?

By Deanna Tayag

Youth and wisdom, shock and pleasure and nostalgia and wistfulness war within one’s veins throughout the entirety of the enigmatic film, Paper Towns. Upon embarking on a road trip alongside Quentin and his erratic (but dependable) best friends, everyone physically seeks Margo. Yet, what ultimately transpires is the finding of one’s self. This film serves as a memoir to commemorate our old dreams, as well as an epic dedicated to our pursuit of new ones.

By Savannah Peykani

It began as a joke. A hypothetical idea for something to do on a Wednesday night.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we went to see Magic Mike?”

Before I knew it, Magic Mike XXL became an obsession. I turned into an enthusiastic Orange County wine mom, squealing at Channing Tatum’s gyrations, Joe Manganiello’s beefcake bod and Don Glover’s crooning.

Yes, the content and cinematic quality is outrageously bad. What else would you expect if you truly spent any time with men whose main objectives are to look good naked?

The thing is, that was not exactly the primary goal to Magic Mike’s licentiousness. Throughout the film, empowering women of all shapes, sizes and colors remained Mike’s focus.

So, turns out, Magic Mike XXL is summer2k15’s feminist manifesto, a treat for the eyes as well as the mind.

By Cheyda Arhamsadr

Since animation has become en vogue again, I decided, on a beautiful July day, to treat myself to an afternoon showing of Inside Out. I was expecting a feel-good movie with lots of laughs…little did I know the fate that was to befall me. Halfway through the movie, I was nothing more than a puddle of tears in a theater seat. I was imagining showing the film to my young niece, teaching her how to process her emotions in a healthy way, a lesson that so many of us missed out on. The movie was, as expected, funny and adorable, but also articulate and surprisingly empowering. And that’s how the animated blockbuster of summer 2015 also became a stepping stone on my personal experience of enlightenment.