Saturday, April 4, 2020
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UCI Artist Spotlight: Shannon Rudder



By Emily Molina

Sophomore Shannon Rudder is a dedicated artist who specializes in drawing. Her artistic endeavors also include painting and most recently photography.

“My favorite part of being an artist is making work that makes other people happy. [When] a piece of mine brings a smile to a person’s face, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world,” remarked Rudder.

As a result of her artwork, Rudder has since grown to become a prominent figure within the Korean pop music scene.

Her art is a unique fusion of ideas that takes the culture and sounds of K-pop and translates them into visual representations as drawings and paintings — the result is a fresh blend between two long established art forms that are normally expressed through completely different mediums.

Her interest in art began in an elective art class during her freshmen year of high school, where an incredible teacher taught her all the basic skills she still uses today.

Upon asking Shannon about her favorite work, she responded, “The piece I am most satisfied with is the one I pushed myself the most artistically.”

In one of her recent classes, she was able to experiment with acrylic paint when her go-to is usually drawing.

“I worked with a palette [that] I’ve never used before, and I ended up creating some [pieces] I’m really proud of,”  said Rudder.

Even though her interests are growing, Shannon has already accomplished much with her talent.

One of the most fascinating things about Shannon is how she has combined two of her greatest loves: art and Kpop. She has brought many of her favorite musical artists to life on paper.

This collaboration of interests is where she has the most fun with her talent. Not only does she accept commissions, she has even been invited as a special guest to KCON, the annual Los Angeles K-pop convention, where she holds workshops and instructs others on the art of drawing. Her artwork is displayed at the convention so everyone can marvel at her work. She has even had the opportunity to give the bands U-KISS, B1A4 and Vixx the drawings she’s made of them. Her passion for both drawing and K-pop has offered her amazing chances to impact fans and people alike with her art.