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A New Year, A New UCI

ASUCI, the undergraduate student government of UCI, plans to make mental health and student satisfaction their main goals for the 2015-2016 academic year.

ASUCI is the student elected and run government that advocates on behalf of all undergraduate students at UCI.  Parshan Khosravi, the current president of ASUCI, was elected last April.

“Lots of preparation has been going all summer,” said Khosravi, a third year political science and education double major, about initiating ASUCI’s 2015-2016 projects.  “We are setting up the foundation for the projects to come.”

The mental health of students is not only of one of Khosravi’s priorities as president, but was also his main campaign platform during his campaign.

“The current services in the UC system are simply not enough to provide adequate support for students,” said Khosravi.

Khosravi’s “Reclaim Mental Health” campaign seeks to alleviate the mental health problems of UCI students.  This would include a smaller counselor-to-student ratio and provide counselors with more time to assist students.

ASUCI plans to have the student body at UCI increase the interaction between the students and their student government.   To accomplish this goal, Khosravi seeks to reestablish trust between students and ASUCI by having ASUCI advocate for student issues.

“The biggest issue I see is lack of trust from students,” said Khosravi about potential obstacles to the plans of ASUCI.  “We have lost it over the past few years.  We can only accomplish these things with student trust.”

Last spring, some members of ASUCI voted for the removal of the United States flag – as well as flags from other nations – from the lobby of the ASUCI office. The idea, while intended to encourage inclusiveness, was not reflective of the entire student body.  This controversy, as well as several others, has created distrust between ASUCI and the students of UCI, and is what Khosravi plans to resolve.

“We have learned from last year what goes well and what doesn’t, and learn from it,” said Khosravi.

ASUCI is also planning to reestablish trust with students by interacting with them directly.  Speeches (both public and radio), newspaper articles, and emails are just a few of the ways ASUCI plans to pursue building trust with students. “Dear Admin!” is a campaign which will allow students to write directly to both ASCUI and the Administration Staff at UCI to have their grievances heard directly.

“ASUCI is the unit of change for students, and we haven’t been able to showcase that,” said Khosravi.  “I am making sure that I’m communicating with the student body.”

Additionally, ASUCI plans to connect with student media organizations on campus, such as the New University and KUCI radio in order to reach out to the entire student body.  Through these platforms, ASUCI hopes to directly announce to students the policies and projects that ASUCI is pursuing to students.

In order to ensure all communities within UCI will be heard, ASUCI intends to recreate the UCI liaison’s council.  The Liaison’s council collaborates with ASUCI to address the needs and interests of UCI students. Every member works actively in their respective communities to ensure student needs are voiced.  In previous years the council did not allow for many communities to advocate issues.

ASUCI members will discuss these goals during their first legislative council meeting this Tuesday.