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Student Inquiry: How Does Your Major Affect Your Personality?

A recent article published in the Atlantic shows a correlation between a college student’s major and personality. We decided to ask a handful of students how they felt their respective major has affected their personality and vice versa. Check them out below!

Melissa Rocha- Major: English/ Fine Arts

20160128_111431Honestly, loneliness is a huge part of me, and I am a really introverted individual. Growing up, I didn’t really have anyone to talk to. And that really worked a lot with art and English because that was how I could express myself. I often liked being alone, just because I’m used to it. And I think that’s why it’s easy for me to sympathize and listen to others. In general, I just lacked a lot of logic, so STEM subjects were extremely difficult for me. I itch to draw every second. I hate days when I don’t draw a thing. It’s a part of who I am and I can’t imagine myself dedicating my life to anything else.


David Lamas- Major: Physics/Mechanical Engineering


I think my major mostly relates to my personality, especially when it comes to logic.  I mostly connect things through logic and take actions through logic, similar to a physics problem. I look back to past experiences in order to approach future ones. And reasoning in math and science was something that I could practice, something based off of logic.

I’m definitely more of a careful and reserved person compared to others in the academic world and in my everyday life. I’m careful about what I say and do around others. Also, I’ve never felt too emotional in general. I don’t usually feel anxious, fearful, or depressed. I’m in touch with my emotions, but at the same time I don’t let it get in the way of what’s right.


Nick Fowler- Major: History


I always found that there’s a huge difference between people with different majors. I seem to be better in writing and analyzing texts. But STEM majors are 100% better than me in math and problem solving.

Also, I know I’m constantly driven by my emotions. I’m really in touch with my gut intuition, and I’m really open minded and I’m okay with not knowing everything like STEM majors who are always trying to discover answers. I would also describe myself as altruistic. I am one to put others before myself, and I get the most happiness from helping others. If I can influence someone else’s life positively and help them realize how exciting history is, that would make me extremely happy.


Arthur Naslian- Major: Business

20160128_185529 (1)

In business, skills like making small talk, presenting yourself, and selling yourself in a particular way are important. I would say that I am developing these skills, and that I’m an open person, and that in the professional world I strive for efficiency with human interaction. I admit that sometimes I rationalize my emotions so that I experience them in a subdued manner, and that I get lonely sometimes, but most of the time I like being alone because I feel more relaxed. The reason why business is appealing to me is that a lot of decisions in this world are based on business and on finance and I feel that if I were a part of that I would play an instrumental role in shaping the society around me.


Katey Hobkirk – Major: Classics

I think that there isn’t really a set personality for Classics Majors, but we definitely all share some traits. From all the ones I have met I’ve noticed we are all opinionated, dedicated, reclusive at times and quirky. I also find that we all have a generally good sense of humor; you have to have a good sense of humor when your major only has 15 people in it and most people aren’t even sure what you are studying. My major has definitely shaped my personality because I feel like I advocate for myself a lot more and have more of a quirky personality because of how different and rare the major is. Plus, I’m a huge geek for Greek Mythology and anything to do with ancient history, Latin, or Greek, which definitely seeps into my everyday life.