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LIVE: Results of the Spring 2016 ASUCI Election

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This page will be updated with results from the ASUCI general election, referendums and recall, as soon as the results become available. 

Results were announced beginning at 7 p.m. outside the ASUCI Student Center office this Tuesday.

Voting took place online last week. This year, 7103 undergraduates voted amounting to 29.52% of all enrolled undergraduates. 

The current available results recorded by the ASUCI Election Commission are below. Results that are still pending will become available following their hearing with the Judicial Board. 

As of Tuesday, April 19, relevant candidates and referendums were informed of complaints made against them prior to Sunday, April 17. Representatives of the referendum and the positions listed as “pending complaints filed” have until Thursday, April 21 to present an appeal to the ASUCI Judicial Board. Each case will be granted an individual hearing and will be subsequently decided by the Judicial Board. Official results will be withheld until then.


ASUCI Constitution: 

Passed with 93.46% Approval (66% needed to pass)

Yes: 4644 votes

No: 325 notes

Abstain: 2134 votes

Food Pantry Referendum: 

Passed with 85.80% Approval (60% needed to pass)

Yes: 5341 votes

No: 884 votes

Abstain: 878 votes

My UCI Referendum: 

Failed with 54.45% Approval (60% needed to pass)

Yes: 2999 votes

No: 2509 votes

Abstain: 1595 votes

2017 Continuation of the Student Center & Cross-Cultural Center Referendum:

Passed with 70.76 Campus-wide Approval (60% needed to pass)

Yes: 4274

No: 1766

Abstain: 1446

Recall for ASUCI Paul Merage School of Business Legislative Council Representative:

Passed with 84.83% Approval (66% needed to pass)

Yes: 123 votes

No: 22 notes

Abstain: 96 votes



ASUCI President: 

Tracy La

3123 votes

External Vice President: 

Taylor Chanes 

4834 votes

Administrative Affairs Vice President: 

Tianna Nand

2699 Votes

Academic Affairs Vice President: 

Rafael Carrazco


Student Services Vice President: 

Jackson Chirigotis

4801 votes

At-Large Representatives (4): 

Alison Lu: 1837 votes
Lydia Natoolo: 1379 votes
Zeina Mousa: 1326 votes
Josh Jacoby: 1273 votes

Biological Sciences Representative: 

Jude Noureldine

678 votes

Education Representative: 

Kelsey Lee

173 votes

Engineering Representative: 

Mohamed Abdelrahman

336 votes

Humanities Representative:

Elsie Castillejos

160 votes

Information and Computer Science Representative: 

Ali Shahbaz

223 votes

Physical Sciences Representative: 

Donald Trinh 

84 votes

Social Ecology: 

Michael Bender

227 votes

Social Sciences Representative: 

Grecia Orozco

519 votes

Social Sciences Representative: 

Selma Hassane

347 votes