Monday, July 13, 2020
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Aldrich Park After Dark’s Eclectic Lineup

Despite the disappointing yet totally expected announcement that we won’t be getting Drake, the Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots, Rihanna, or DJ Khaled, ASUCI announced a slew of artists that will be in Aldrich Park on Tuesday night to provide us with a free concert. Most of them are Soundcloud musicians, but a few are on Spotify, so props.  From the information ASUCI released, the artists seem to cover a variety of styles of music in an attempt to have it all. Here’s the lineup as of now.

One of UCI’s campus celebrities, Ellen Shieh, will be performing. Shieh is a third-year cognitive sciences major and the overall winner of UCI’s campuswide talent show, Soulstice, back in February for her singing chops. She has a great voice and is a crowd-pleaser for her soulful covers.  

Yetep is a DJ who has a few hour-long mixes on Soundcloud, with titles like “2 AM” and “You’re Not Alone,” as well as some shorter remixes. Lots of feels and samples from popular and obscure songs make for mellow listening, which was actually very nice for writing. Yetep promises a chill set.

DCMBR, through what information I could find, is a rapper who is apparently opening for 2 Chainz in October. This act may up the tempo from some of the more ambient groups, but here’s the appeal for hip-hop lovers.

Common Souls is a Los Angeles duo boasting an electronic sound, mixed with a more acoustic style. They say that they are “sadboi songs by happy dudes” and I would say they’re even a bit bluesy. Their single, “Arizona,” won one of 12 $20,000 John Lennon Songwriting awards in 2015, if that’s reflective of their abilities. Another downtempo set.

The Grinns are one of the more established groups, despite them only being a year or two out of high school. They are five guys from Orange County with a SoCal surf rock/60s British invasion/garage rock sound. It honestly sounds pretty pleasant from their Spotify, and their influences shine through. They have a few songs up from 2015 and 2016, with a full album in 2015 called “Colorblind.” They claim that they “are known for their energetic live shows and [the] eccentric presence of frontman Joey Kolk, as well as the soulful musical swagger of the rest of the band,” so I would like to see that. Maybe we’ll be witnessing the second coming of Young the Giant, a band  born and bred in Irvine.

Last is Fook, a DJ and “Meme Lord from Hawaii,” as his bio says. He’s on for a three-peat at UCI since his first debut at last year’s back to school concert, and his subsequent appearance at the spring ASUCI-sponsored music festival, Summerlands. He seems to have a following at UCI, or at least ASUCI believes in the hype. His bass-drop-filled style delivers an energetic booster shot for the night.

Above all, it seems like the mixed lineup is an effort to cover multiple genres, so if any of the above interest you, it’s well worth checking out. However, hosting so many bands seems like it will be a time crunch, and the different alternating styles might come off kind of strange. All the same, it’s a night of free music in our lovely Aldrich Park.