Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Sp-memories: SPOP Staffers Explain What Made Their Summers Memorable

SPOP Squad – Staffers stand ready to take on the role of student leaders as they gear up to guide incoming anteaters around campus (Photo Courtesy of Chad Lei)

Interviews Conducted by Crystal Wong

“My favorite Sp-memory was when I met a SPOPer who was so shy and would not say a word to anyone. Then, after we did the activity “Cross the Line,” he became a completely different person. Something clicked in him, and he became one of the most active participants the rest of that SPOP. All of us staffers were so excited to see him having so much fun by the end of the two days. It reminded all of us why we chose to become staffers in the first place.”

-Paean Wang


“My favorite memory was actually just seeing my students from the ISO give me a bright, contagious smile each time I waved at them. I had an [international student] buy a tub of pineapple ice cream and share it with me and some fellow [students] and I [saw] how happy he was when we told him it was a great flavor. ”

-Chad Lei (staffed International SPOP)


“For my last SPOP, all the participants during the Sp-lympics locked the staffers out of the hall and we were basically like tug-of-warring with them for 30 minutes.”

-Vivian Lee


“My favorite memory from staffing this summer would be introducing the new incoming freshmen to our campus and just seeing them be comfortable with their true individuality in such a diverse community here. I want to staff again and hopefully come back as a returner during my 3rd or 4th year.”

-Kevin Troy De Guzman