Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Fashion Week Deconstructed: A How-To Guide

As another Fashion Week season comes to a close, the ordinary people of the world can finally be told what trends to wear for maximum likes. These unique, never-before-seen evolutions of style and design should have college students skipping meals and rent to pay for these definitely worth it pieces of fabric. For those who can’t afford it, here’s a college budget-friendly guide on how to not embarrass yourself and make sure none of your clothes are “so last year.”

Get ready, because checkered print is back. Taking the stage by storm, models strutted down the stage in numerous variations of checkered print, and I’ve never wanted to be a walking picnic table more. If you can’t afford to spend hundreds on these gowns, a more affordable route would be literally taking a picnic blanket and wrapping yourself up in it.

Next up, cutouts! While casually shredded jeans and shorn shirts have been around for a while, even more interesting cutouts made an appearance all over Fashion Week. Why go for half a $700 Christopher Kane dress when you can take some Target scissors and go to town on your thrift store buy?

Along the lines of cutting fabric, distressed denim is everywhere. To imitate that frayed rock n’ roll look, grab your old, gross jean jacket and use it as a chew toy for your dog until you achieve your desired distress level. If you want to take it a step further, just go to Forever 21, buy a band t-shirt and pretend you have non-mainstream music tastes.

Another comeback trend that showed its face at Fashion Week was lines. Bold, beautiful and classic, many pieces on the runway featured stripes of all sizes accentuating these timeless designs. To recreate this essential look, wrap yourself in duct tape for the same effect. For the more advanced Fashion Week imitators, use colored washi tape for some extra spring flash!

One of the more sophisticated and nuanced trends that appeared among the designers’ work was a nautical theme. Deep navy and crisp white showered the runway with equal parts prep and chic. To encapsulate this sailor-inspired look, just tie an anchor to yourself. This look may be a bit difficult to pull off, but “beauty is pain!”

Throw out your pastels this spring — sorbet colors are the hot new thing. If you don’t want to spend loads on these delicious tones, simply take some white clothes and melt sorbet on top of them with the So Cal heat. This all-natural, environmentally friendly method is sure to catch on.

Finally, a trend that never seems to go out of fashion — nude. Grab your fake tan and go au naturel to imitate this look. Remember — always be yourself.