Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

IRVINE, CA – Protests broke out outside of Halloween Club in University Town Center this weekend after a crowd of Thanksgiving enthusiasts prevented customers from entering the Halloween store and buying their costumes for Monday. The protest centered around fans of Thanksgiving feeling like the holiday is overshadowed by Halloween and Christmas.

“I’m just sick and tired of people skipping Thanksgiving after Halloween is over. Everyone wants to dress up and get candy and then they want to get presents. Where’s the thanks?” said Michael Anderson, owner of Michael’s Turkey Farm and organizer of the protest.

Customers of the store, mainly students, were stunned by the aggressive approach of protesters who locked arms to barricade customers out. While some shoppers tried to break through, many left with the intent of coming back later. Tension was raised when protesters started chanting “Thanksgiving will not be forgotten!” and “We will not be silenced!”

In response, customers began shouting “You don’t belong here!” This lasted for about an hour before protesters left to protest Christmas window displays.

Anderson said his organization of Thanksgiving supporters intend to release a full policy agenda with their demands and goals. Their demands include no Christmas decorations put up until after November 24, Thanksgiving products sold before the beginning of November and banning of Black Friday.

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