Thursday, October 1, 2020
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ASUCI Announces Special Elections Candidates

This week, ASUCI is hosting a special election to fill vacant positions in the ASUCI Senate. Voting began yesterday, Jan. 16 at 9 a.m. and will conclude on Friday, Jan. 20 at 5 p.m.

Senator positions available are as follows: At-Large (3), Social Science (2), Arts (1), Biological Sciences (1), Business (1), Engineering (1), Information and Computer Sciences (1), Nursing Sciences (1), Pharmaceutical Sciences (1), Public Health (1) and Social Ecology (1). New Special Interest positions have also been added this year, including International Senator (1), Transfer Senator (1) and Freshman Senator (1).

Candidates and their potential positions are listed below.

At-Large Senator:

Sara Baggia

Artem Bojadzian

Jackson Brians

Sonia Chavez

Jeanine Erikat

Karl Nagy

Syrus Sadvandi

Elmira Tofanyan

Biological Science Senator:

Murad Aldoghmi

Alexander Alvarez

Brian Damavandi

Zohal Sediqi

Celine Ton

Business Senator:

Julie Lim

Isaac Rubalcava

Engineering Senator:

Yasmeen Abuzeid

Tin Hong

Information and Computer Science Senator:

Christopher Durr

Jeffrey Ji

Srivarsha Nandula

Brandon Richardson

Cary Xiao

Nursing Science Senator:

Sara Pourmand

Pharmaceutical Science Senator:

Nagi Alazani

Public Health Senator:

Sheava Danesh

Roman Hernandez

Lucia La Roche

Valeria Roman

Social Ecology Senator:

Melissa Safady

Social Sciences Senator:

Alec Cranford

Rafael Hernandez

Helary Yakub

Special Interest – Transfer Senator:

Kaylah Acero-Ramirez

Bryan Barrios

Mehde Hasan

Paul Moore

Special Interest – International Senator:

Nomin Amgalan

Eason Zheng

All students are eligible to vote for At-Large and Special Interest Senators. Additional school-specific positions can only be voted on by students in their respective schools. ASUCI Senate will appoint First-Year Senators. Voting will take place online through the ASUCI Elections website.