Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Janet Napolitano Announces She is Undergoing Cancer Treatments

UC Regents President Janet Napolitano was hospitalized last Monday, Jan. 16 due to side effects from ongoing cancer treatment. She was diagnosed with cancer in August 2016, and has kept the position as Chair of UC Regents meetings throughout the course of her treatment. Napolitano had another diagnosis of cancer in the past that was successfully treated. A UC press statement did not confirm what type of cancer Napolitano has, but states that treatment is going well and she is performing her job as UC President fully.

“During the course of this treatment, President Napolitano has consistently performed her wide range of duties at full capacity, without interruption or impact,” said the UC Office of the President in a statement.  

“According to her physicians, she is doing extremely well. They expect her to be discharged in the next day or so and back to her normal duties at full capacity very soon. While she is recuperating, UC’s senior leadership will continue to support President Napolitano in the management of the UC system and in advancing the University’s key priorities.”


UCI Named 4th Best University in the Nation for Upward Mobility

UC Irvine was named by the New York Times as one of the best schools in the country for upward mobility, that is, the ability to channel lower-income students into the middle and upper-middle classes after graduation.

The study cited by the New York Times was published last Wednesday Jan. 18 by the Equality of Opportunity Project, a study of college graduates based on anonymous tax and financial aid records.

UCI was the only UC on the top ten list, but was one of five other California State Schools on it. The other four were California State Polytechnic, Bakersfield in third, California Polytechnic, Pomona in fifth, San Jose State in eight and Cal State Long Beach in tenth.