ASUCI Announces Special Election Results


ASUCI Senate published the results of their special elections last Wednesday evening, filling 15 empty seats with new Senators. The Senate has 30 seats, but started winter quarter with less than half of those seats filled.

The call for a special election was announced by the Senate at the end of fall quarter in order to fill empty seats and ensure adequate student representation.  Earlier this quarter, the Senate also voted At-Large Senator Alison Lu as the new President Pro Tempore.

The newly-elected Senators are as follows:

At Large Senators:

Sonia Chavez

Sara Baggia

Jeanine Erikat

Biological Sciences Senator:

Murad Aldoghmi

Business Senator:

Julie Lim

Engineering Senator:

Yasmeen Abuzeid

Information and Computer Science Senators:

Cary Xiao

Social Ecology Senator:

Melissa Safady

Pharmacological Science Senator:

Nagi Alazani

Social Science Senators:

Helary Yakub

Rafael Hernandez

Nursing Science Senator:

Sara Pourmand

Public Health Senator:

Sheava Danesh

Transfer Senator:

Mehde Hasan

International Senator:

Eason Zheng

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