Starlets Gone Wild! A Bygone Era

By Saoirse Rafferty

Could anybody forget the day when Britney Spears used her umbrella as a weapon? When Lindsay Lohan was no longer the sweet girl from “The Parent Trap,” or how about when we all waited eagerly anticipating Paris Hilton’s release from prison? Yeah, me either. These reckless celebrity party girls were constantly in the media’s eye back in 2007 and definitely made their mark in celebrity history. So 10 years later, where are they now? Was this just an unforgettable era of hot mess starlets never to happen again?

Despite how terrible it sounds, everybody loves to see a dramatic turning point in a golden star’s career. These celebrities are like ticking bombs waiting to explode, and nobody realizes this until the front page of every magazine is Britney Spears with a shaved head. I remember exactly where I was when I found out that Britney Spears had a meltdown. It was like a sensational event in celebrity history that can never be forgotten. I was only 10 years old and recall reconsidering with my friends whether I would approach her as a fan if I ever met her. Ask yourself, where were you when Britney had her meltdown?

Who even was Kim Kardashian in 2007? To many people she was just another reckless young celebrity partying in Hollywood and personal assistant to Paris Hilton. Who would have thought that a decade later there would be an App based on Kim’s lifestyle pulling in millions of dollars? This woman has had fans obsessing over her family’s reality TV show, wearing her brands and reading about her glamorous life. She is glorified as an inspiration among many teenage girls today whether they like to admit it or not. The land of the Kardashians can be found on television screens all over America, along with contouring sets in every teenage girl’s room. This idol figure, now a mother, was once captured on several magazine covers partying with co-starlet Paris Hilton. It seemed like there wasn’t a party where she would miss the opportunity to stand on a table or grind with Paris. Magazine covers opened us to the exciting world of starlets gone wild as we saw photos of Britney, Paris and Lindsay clubbing together. Our lives were complete knowing these young reckless starlets were uniting and taking on the clubbing life together.

10 years later, all of these reckless celebs’ seem to be doing a lot better than they were in 2007. Partly because they had to grow up, especially in today’s world. We aren’t bombarded with celebrities gone wild like we were 10 years ago, and even when we are our lives don’t seem to be as immersed in it as much as before. Maybe this is because our generation, along with these celebrities, have grown a little older and wiser.

We still witness crazy turning points in the careers of young stars, but it has become more normal now. Miley Cyrus shocked the world when she shaved her hair and brought out the hit song ‘Wrecking Ball.’ Fans wondered where Hannah Montana went and what was going on with the world. But over time, nobody cared anymore; it was just another Britney episode. Miley is still praised as a talented singer, no more than Justin Bieber who has also been painted in a bad light over the years. Even though these celebrities are found in and out of rehab or prison, it reminds us that they are human beings who can make mistakes.

There will always be episodes by celebrities that allow us to reflect on the good old years of celebrity meltdowns, when many of Hollywood’s leading ladies went out of control. After all of these years, the press aren’t following some of these celebrities as much as before because an era has ended, and yet we still adore them. Lohan is now trying to live a low-key lifestyle in London; Paris too has been keeping quiet, whilst Kim Kardashian is all over social media, carefully maintaining her image and Britney seems to be doing well, still headlining her own show at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip.

This era still makes us wonder, was this bad behavior a publicity stunt or were these celebrities truly out of control? Regardless, any publicity is good publicity. No matter how many years go by, these ex-reckless celebrities can never escape the past.