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ASUCI Election Endorsements

Student Fee Referendum Information:

Measure U Newspaper Fund: This student fee referendum seeks to renew a current 99 cent student fee and increase it to $3 per student, per quarter, excluding summer sessions, until 2022. The referendum will offset the inflation cost of printing and provide the New University enough funding to maintain its operations. If the Measure U Newspaper Fund is not passed, the New University would cease printing for the first time since 1965.

Student Resource and Services Initiative: This student fee referendum seeks to increase the existing student fee allotted to ASUCI ($18 per student, per quarter) by an additional $5 per year for six years, until the student fee reaches $48 per student, per quarter in 2022. The increase will help fund concerts, clubs, conferences, state and national organizations and campus services provided by ASUCI.


President: The New University endorses Lydia Natoolo for ASUCI President. As a current At-Large Senator and former President of the Senate, Natoolo has interacted with fellow Senators and constituents with fairness and consideration, and has addressed the concerns of students through legislation and direct communication with campus departments. Natoolo’s personal history and experience lends credence to her promises of action; born and raised in Africa, Natoolo came to America to pursue higher education, and faced years of homelessness, food insecurity, and challenges unique to transfer and international students before enrolling at UC Irvine. Her direct experience with issues of career services, basic needs security, and adequate student services, as well as her past advocacy for these issues within ASUCI and at UCI’s Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation, validates the goals outlined in her platform. The New University believes that as President, Natoolo would be a strong and communicative leader with the capacity to address UCI’s diverse needs.

External Vice President: The New University endorses Zoe Broussard for ASUCI External Vice President. Despite running unopposed, we support her platform to bolster representation of marginalized groups on campus and encourage campus unity.

Internal Vice President: The New University endorses Brittany Nguyen for ASUCI Internal Vice President. Nguyen has been involved with ASUCI for three years and has gained additional leadership experience through her involvement with the Vietnamese Student Association. Her extensive experience within ASUCI, as well as in outside organizations, makes her perspective and leaderships initiative valuable. We support her platform, which addresses housing security, sustainability and resources for international students.

Academic Affairs Vice President: The New University endorses Kayla Cooper for Academic Affairs Vice President. Along with her experience being part of ASUCI for the past three years, her platform proposes collaboration with various student organizations before making impactful decisions in ASUCI. This promotion of campus unity and direct collaboration between ASUCI and students is valuable, and we believe that Cooper has the experience and student connections to carry it out.

Student Services Vice President: The New University endorses Rusteen Haghi for Student Services Vice President. While running unopposed, we support her platform, which seeks to improve student services such as business relations, campus outreach, athletics, concerts, films, and events such as Soulstice.

Student Advocate General: The New University endorses Alison Lu for Student Advocate General. Her platform focuses on health promotion, transparency, and increased communication between organizations on campus. Her past experience working with ASUCI would allow her to navigate her duties immediately upon election, and her goals are both realistic and impactful.

At-Large Senator: Though there are currently seven At-Large Senator positions available, The New University endorses five of the thirteen candidates.

The New University endorses Celine Ton for At-Large Senator. Her goal to make UCI a “zero waste” campus by 2020 addresses the importance of prioritizing sustainability issues. In addition, her support for the Disability Services Center and SOAR Food Pantry aims to provide students with better resources.

The New University endorses Sara Baggia for At-Large Senator. Through her current experience as an At-Large Senator, she has proven to be a reliable representative for students. Her platform aims to address issues of food and hygiene insecurity.

The New University endorses Jeanine Erikat for At-Large Senator. Her diligence and experience as a current ASUCI At-Large Senator makes the New University confident in her ability to serve students and their interests within ASUCI. Additionally, we support her platform to empower students by giving them more opportunities on campus and in the community.

The New University endorses Jessica Gabra for At-Large Senator. Her unique and ambitious platform seeks to create more cultural festivals, job fairs, and tutoring programs for students.

The New University endorses Gurneel Boparai for At-Large Senator. His personal drive for community engagement as well as his past research, involvement with a non-profit, and experience interning with ASUCI makes the New University confident in his ability to serve a diverse group of students from all majors and backgrounds. Boparai’s platform proposes concrete ideas that have the potential to address concerns on campus.