Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Best Places to Nap on Campus

By Brandon Phan

Many people say “sleep is for the weak,” to which I say “that’s nice.” In fact, studies everywhere show that sleep enhances cognitive performance and bodily functions. Luckily, UCI’s sleep-deprived college students have an array of choices for finding a few moments’ rest. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best places to nap on campus.

Outside of The Pacific Ballroom: An immediate go-to spot within the Student Center is the area directly outside the Pacific Ballroom. This location is filled with plenty of soft-cushioned benches — or as I call them, astral navigators due to their ability to take you to another world. The only downside to coming here is that it fills up quick, and you often will be left to either find another place to nap or lie on the floor.

Langson Library: The Langson Library is a multi-floor building with many couches and chairs. The place is known to be quiet and has become a napping staple for many students. During finals week, this place turns into a campsite, since it stays open 24/7. Although most people come here to study, using it as a spot to rest suddenly transforms it into a place of tranquility. A temple of rejuvenation, if you will.

Aldrich Park: Feel like uniting with the Earth? Then head on over to Aldrich Park, find the healthiest patch of grass, and lie there. Aldrich Park is a great place to relax, but not to actually fall asleep, because the park is full of students chatting, people playing sports and clubs meeting. But sometimes this noise paired with the occasional bird chirp, and sunlight may be exactly what you need to relieve your stress from a long day.

Protip: While you may be tempted to walk around the park or have some light exercise before napping, I would highly recommend not to. According to the National Sleep Foundation, exercising right before sleeping or napping actually makes it harder to fall asleep.

Student’s Choice: Between the ICS and Engineering towers: Damian Rosiak, a second-year student, says that right between the ICS and engineering towers, there is a little safe haven that goes unrecognized. The space between the two towers just received an installment of couches that makes the area a “must try.” After hearing the good word, I decided I had to pay the area a visit. Once there, I saw that most students were either doing work on their laptops or talking on the phone, but I was about to change the game. I sat on one of the couches, waiting to sink into a state of relaxation. After two minutes I laid my head back and looked up at the sky. It was about 12:40 at the time, so there weren’t many students passing by. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift off, listening to the soft tapping of keyboards and casual sniffles. After a while I began to hear students exit their classroom doors and trail their ways to their next destinations. At this point I stopped napping and got up to stretch. I felt replenished.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Anteater Pub after a few beers
  • Head to where the flagpoles on campus are. Go past the crosswalk. Wait for the shuttle. Get on it. Go home and nap there.