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Summer Blunders: Two UCI Students Share Their Embarrassing and Troublesome Summers

by Summer Wong

A couple summers ago, my friends and I were invited to a beach party with the rest of our high school class. A mutual friend informed us that the party was going to take place on the beach, and that there was going to be a bonfire. In my mind, I imagined roasted marshmallows by the fire, some night swimming, and a game of competitive volleyball or frisbee.

I did not anticipate the embarrassment that would come shortly after. When my friends and I arrived at the location, there was a fancy, luxury yacht waiting for us, beautifully decorated with shimmering lights. Everyone in the boat was dressed formally in dresses and heels, tuxes and slacks.

I looked down at my bikini, shorts and flip flops and realized what had just happened. As my friends and I walked in with our swimsuits on, I could’ve died of embarrassment. Luckily, my mom then offered to bring me my good clothes, but my face could not have been more redder than that day.

by Lilith Martirosyan

Traveling abroad is an exciting endeavor for anyone, except when the person traveling is a friend who forces you to play babysitter and chauffeur during your break.

A few summers back, an old friend visited me in California, bringing with her a carefully-crafted, unreasonably long list of sights to see.

The next three weeks were filled with strict schedules and a rapidly-decreasing gas budget. Every morning marked an early wake-up call to hasten her California experience.

That summer brought about a decent workout — all of my free time was spent running around and basically babysitting this girl, who was my exact age! The underlying issue was that I was enrolled in summer classes at the time she was visiting. Chauffeuring her around after class became an unpaid part-time job.

Visiting Universal Studios, for instance, proved troublesome after I lost her at the “Jurassic Park” ride. Walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame turned into a track meet after she began running through the crowd. I invested in a new pair of running shoes just to keep up with her. I didn’t even dare to take her to Disneyland for fear of the trouble she would get into when my back was turned.

It seems amusing years later, but after that experience, I’ve come to appreciate my lazy summer days.