Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Summer Session Reflection

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After finishing summer session classes at UCI for the first time this year, I felt grateful for the chance to dedicate a part of my summer to taking extra units for my major and my own interest in the subject. While I heard that it’s possible to enroll beyond the ten unit maximum by contacting the summer administration before the classes begin, I started this session with eight units of English 103 and English 28E to get a firm understanding of the pacing of English lectures. I took both of my classes in summer session two, which added a slight bit of stress because a typical ten week course was compacted to five. Despite the abbreviated, the readings and the assignments weren’t too stressful to finish. Also, the lectures weren’t tiring to listen to because the material was so engaging to me and my peers.
To me, taking summer classes at a nice discount (I paid around $2,300 for both classes) and finishing more units for your majors is worth it. However, like attending college in general, it’s all a matter of mindset regarding how you treat these classes during your free time in the summer. I knew some people who had difficulty managing their summer classes because they took so much extra homework time, but that issue is different for everyone. Everyone is definitely going to have a different response to how the summer sessions go for them, but I strongly encourage everyone with the right time and attitude to try out these classes to further enhance the college experience at UCI.

Albert Le is a second year English and film & media studies major. He can be reached at leat3@uci.edu.