Monday, March 8, 2021
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Life’s a Climb: New U’s Features Team Reflects on their College Career

by Elyse Joseph

College for me ain’t been no crystal stair. I had a rough start. I stumbled for a while. I even took some time off in the middle.

As my mom told me once, “Some sense has to be bought.” Everyone buys their own. I bought Knowing When to Say Screw It for two years and several thousand dollars.

When I came to UCI and moved out of my parents’ house, I knew that my life was about to change immensely. I felt like I needed to choose then and there which direction I wanted the rest of it to go. I placed all of this weight on the choice of  my major. And from year one, it was apparent that I had chosen incorrectly.

Still, I didn’t change my major. I felt that I had to continue because I’d made my choice, and I guess I didn’t realize that life could change again. I stayed for nearly two years until I couldn’t take it anymore. Then, I finally decided to quit.

I may have taken this to an extreme when I stopped going to school altogether for two quarters. But I changed my major when I got back, and big surprise college life was a whole lot better once I started studying things that actually interested me. It was only then that I had the chance to make friends who had similar interests to mine and get involved on campus doing extracurriculars I enjoy.

I learned that I didn’t have to stay miserable because for the first time, my life was totally in my control. And I’se still climbin’.

by Crystal Wong

Just recently, at the Anteater Involvement Fair, I ran into a friend back from freshman year who I haven’t seen much of since the beginning of junior year. We made small talk, and it wasn’t until my friend told me, “You’ve changed, but in a good way,” that I realized just how much I have grown since freshman year.

I came to UCI in 2014 not knowing what I really wanted to accomplish in terms of academic goals. I knew I wanted to dance, however, so it was only natural for me to follow the route of a dance major. But being a dance major wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more.

So, in the beginning of sophomore year, I decided that I wanted to re-spark the flame I had for writing back in high school. And what better way to do that than by adding a literary journalism minor and join the New University?

All while I was figuring out my academic goals in life, I was also in the process of finding who I really was. As the years went by, gone was the high school girl sheltered by her family and here emerged a brand new me who was able to make decisions for myself and actually experience things that I would have never in a million years thought I would be doing or even enjoying for that matter.

As I reflect back on the last three years and prepare for my last two quarters here, all I can say in the end is: I’m happy. I’m happy with how I spent my college career. I came into UCI with uncertainty, and I know there may still be days where I will leave with questions about post-grad life, but overall, I’m excited to see where and how my life plays out as I encourage myself to finish my last two quarters strong.