UCI Trustee Receives Damages in Sexual Harassment Case

Fraud, defamation and sexual harassment lawsuits involving UCI trustee Bruce Cahill concluded recently with the jury awarding Cahill $610,000 in damages.

In May 2016, Cahill, former CEO of Pharma Pak and UCI trustee since 2006, and other Pharma Pak shareholders filed a lawsuit against stakeholder Paul Edalat and former executive vice president of sales Olivia Karpinski, claiming the two planted THC and marijuana at the company to frame Cahill. Edalat and Karpinski were also accused of spending company money on Las Vegas trips.

In August 2016, Edalat and Karpinski filed a countersuit claiming Cahill sexually harassed Karpinski and wrongfully terminated her employment.

The federal jury ordered Cahill to pay Edalat $250,000 for breaching his fiduciary responsibility and $10,000 to Karpinski for the sexual harassment charges. Edalat and Karpinski are to pay Cahill $600,000 and $10,000 respectively, for defamatory statements written on social media reportedly directed at Cahill, which more than counteracts the damages they are receiving. Edalat also owes damages to Pharma Pak investors Greg Cullen, Ron Franco and Shane Scott.

In a news release, John Markham, Cahill’s attorney, stated, “We are pleased that the jury sent a clear message to Paul Edalat while fully supporting Bruce Cahill and his longstanding good reputation in the community.”

After the trial, Karpinski stated, “I’m pleased with the results of this trial. Young women in business should not be afraid to stand up for themselves. Mr. Cahill sued me first for racketeering and fraud, knowing that such claims would harm me as a young businesswoman.”