Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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“Ghosted”: Fox’s New Supernatural Comedy

By Saad Siddiq    

More than four years after starring in the beloved comedy series “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office,” Adam Scott and Craig Robinson return to star in the quirky Fox comedy “Ghosted.” The show combines science fiction with comedic chops from Robinson and Scott to bring its audience a series that is odd yet sweet, and definitely not for younger audiences.

The sitcom follows Leroy Wright (Robinson), an ex-cop who quit the force because of his partner’s death, and Max Jennifer (Scott), a disgraced Stanford professor who lost his job since no one believed his outlandish claims regarding extraterrestrial life. Both are recruited to a government agency known as The Bureau Underground to investigate the disappearance of a former agent. Each episode sees Max and Leroy tackle new and admittedly hilarious challenges as new members of the agency.

Though only three episodes have  aired so far, the arc of this series is relatively predictable. We will see a new problem each week leading up to the “final” challenge of solving the season-long mystery of the disappearance of the Bureau’s agent. Despite the predictability, I am constantly brought back by the hilarity that is Adam Scott and Craig Robinson.

Fans (including myself) will remember these two from the cult classics  “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office” as lovable, memorable characters and “Ghosted” is no different. Scott brings a dorky approach to his character that meshes seamlessly with Robinson’s deadpan delivery, creating an oddball pairing that is both endearing and amusing to the viewers. As I mentioned before, “Ghosted” shares a very similar arc path with many other comedies on television; however, the combination of Scott and Robinson effectively pull the show from the depths of mediocrity, constructing a series whose main draw isn’t due to the plot line, but rather the genius and chemistry of its actors.

The arrival of “Ghosted” perfectly coincides with the coming of Halloween as the show consistently employs a spooky and menacing tone while occasionally delivering an unsuspecting scare. As we all know, Halloween is a time where the supernatural tends to meet reality and no other sitcom on television better embraces this so-called “spirit of Halloween” than “Ghosted. Though its main focus is on science fiction, “Ghosted” still addresses the theme of the supernatural through humorous interactions between reality and sci-fi. Essentially, the show combines both unique worlds to create a whole new realm where ghosts and aliens can coexist.

Fox’s new series perfectly encapsulates the Halloween season through the combination of humor and horror, creating a show that can be enjoyed by many.