Fountain Valley Skating Center Brings Back the 80’s

by Sharmin Shanur

Rollerblading was all the rage in the ‘80s and ‘90s. With shows such as “That ‘70s show” and “Can’t Stop the Music” portraying rollerblading as a staple activity of  teen social life, it only seemed logical for young people at the time to go to their nearest rollerblading rink and skate away under psychadelic light. Of course, that is not the case anymore.

Smart phones and computers have given most of our generation entertainment in the comfort of their own homes. Young people no longer need to exert any physical activity to have fun. So, what happens to these skating rinks? Are they just some nostalgic memory of the past or are they still alive today?

In truth, most skating rinks are decrepit and broken-down structures, far away from most malls and social areas. They are completely isolated with only a select few knowing about their existence. One such rink is located in Fountain Valley, just 10 miles away from UCI.

As my friend and I entered Fountain Valley Skating Center it felt like I was entering a time capsule. With the paint of its white walls peeling and a small ticket booth as you enter, I began to sense that I was entering a different world—the world of the ‘80s.

The rink looked like a giant basketball court with will neon lights in every corner. As I skated I felt engulfed by modern day hip-hop and disco lights. There are numerous vending machines around the rink as well a small arcade area. If one does not have skates, no worries. The Skating Center has a huge collection of skates with every imaginable shoe size.

Surprisingly, skating is not a pricey venture. The admission fee is $9 and renting rollerskates is another $9. With $20 you can have an amazing time with friends and family. The rink also has discounts for large groups, veterans, and others.

Overall, Fountain Valley Skating Center  is an amazing place to get a nostalgic ‘80s-’90s vibe. Although it might not be what’s hip  today, it is nice to simply enter into a time capsule and experience the same type of thrill our parents might have enjoyed in the past. You never know; if enough of us start going again, we can revive the skating culture and enliven the slowly dissolving rollerblading centers of Orange County and beyond.