UC Regents Meet at UCSF to Discuss Issues Facing the UCs

UC Regents held its bi-monthly meeting on Nov. 14 and 15 at UCSF Mission Bay, where members convened to discuss student affairs, admissions policies and UC engagement with the public.

The Associated Students External Vice Presidents from four campuses, along with other student government members from seven UC campuses took part in the discussion on the second day of the meeting. From UCI, ASUCI External Vice President Zoe Broussard and Associated Graduate Students External Vice President Becky Hofstein Grady were present, along with other UCI students.


Campus Resources for Housing

Working in collaboration with Robin Holmes-Sullivan and Eric Heng from the UC Office of the President (UCOP), students called on Holmes-Sullivan to address the topic of campus resources dealing with emergency housing and basic needs, with President Napolitano. The discussion brought attention to the continually rising costs of attending a UC and the mounting housing insecurity faced by many UC students.

This was coupled with discussion about a “standard of living document” that would be sent out to stakeholders, as well as protective measures for graduate students against the House tax reform bill, according to notes taken by ASUCI’s Office of the External Vice President during the conference.

Student government representatives also discussed establishing a monthly fund for traveling for board members of various student governments.


Policy for UC Admissions and Rescissions

In the wake of UCI’s admission rescission controversy this summer, in which the campus rescinded nearly 500 offers of admission after more students than usual submitted SIRs, Regents addressed policies to prevent such issues in the future. A list of seven recommendations for fall 2018 admissions was presented to the Regents board by member Michael T. Brown from the Academic Verification Task Force. The recommendations included: considering alternative sanctions before withdrawing admission, providing clear instructions for appeals and not using admissions as enrollment management. Brown expressed that he felt “using transcripts as a receipt…for admissions” was unfair to students.


Title IX and Campus Sexual Assault

The meeting addressed resources for sexual assault on campuses, specifically providing further funding for preventative education. Heng from UCOP noted that an assessment would be needed to determine whether further funding is necessary. Heng was also delegated the task of making sure student affairs departments across all campuses were distributing UC Title IX Student Advisory Board applications.

Members also heard from concerned students who spoke for three minutes at a time at the open board meeting, addressing specific issues such as Title IX and sexual assault, especially in the wake of the accusations against a Regents board member, Norman Pattiz. One student requested that the Board “hold Regent Pattiz accountable  for his actions.” She continued,  “As a survivor of sexual violence, I ask you to fire him.”