A Conversation Worth Having: KUCI’s “UCI Conversations”

By Camila Dadabhoy

For 49 years, KUCI’s 89.9FM radio channel has been capturing the hearts and ears of our very own Anteater family. Its popularity led to an expansion in broadcasting range to the greater Orange County audience, featuring new musicians and entertaining segments every year. One of these fairly new features is the “UCI Conversations” segment, created by public affairs host, Kevin Bossenmeyer.

A proud native of Irvine, Bossenmeyer began the segment in the summer of 2017, labeling his show “All Things Blue and Gold.” Dedicated to his hometown and his sheer love of UCI, Bossenmeyer’s show is composed of interviews with UCI leaders, innovators, and the everyday lives of our Anteaters, broadcasted from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. every Tuesday evening.

Located in a small trailer behind the Humanities Department, the KUCI station is truly a hidden gem, boasting over 2,000 CDs of all different genres covering every wall and corner of the room. Although it seems small, the tiny building contains just the right amount of blue and gold spirit that makes the KUCI channel so special.

After passing a test from the KUCI department and submitting a sample taste of a make-believe interview with Peter the Anteater, Bossenmeyer’s “UCI Conversations” was picked up by the channel last June. As a former MFA student and graduate of the California State University Fullerton, Bossenmeyer says he has always been interested in acting and entertainment.

“I got my bachelor’s degree in accounting, but I always knew I could interview people well…and frankly I just really enjoyed it,” said Bossenmeyer.

Overwhelmed by the career shift, Bossenmeyer and his trainees in the student-run business quickly adapted to the radio scene, learning the ways of public hosting and the technicalities of running a radio show. A day-to-day routine for Bossenmeyer includes researching interviewees, scheduling meetings prior to the show, exploring every aspect of UCI, and selecting individuals on our campus who are making a difference.

“There’s no set schedule in show business, and that’s something I love about it,” laughed Bossenmeyer.

Now available as a podcast, the show offers a lot of creativity and flexibility for Bossenmeyer, and he often finds himself seeking out individuals on the whole spectrum, interviewing everyone from UCI’s LGBTQ organizations to successful Anteater alumni. One of the biggest names he has ever interviewed is Vint Cerf, an American internet pioneer who is on a few advisory boards at UCI.

“I think it’s amazing that one of the internet inventors is on our UCI Board, and it’s so neat for the students to be aware of that.”

He values the service and commitment the Irvine community gives back to the school, and he enjoys sharing their stories with the public.

“I have my eyes set on interviewing Chancellor Gillman next; I definitely want to hear his story,” added Bossenmeyer.

Bossenmeyer hopes to foster a sense of communication with his audience and everyone who is listening to the channel.

“I want to inform the UCI populace, from students to staff to the surrounding community.”

He is hoping for students to learn from his segment, while still being entertained and enjoying the interviews.

“Every week I am really interested in who I’m interviewing, I can’t even pick a favorite. I love hearing them because everyone has such a fascinating story. And I think other people enjoy it too,” said Bossenmeyer.

But why UCI? Bossenmeyer is a graduate of CSUF and not a teacher yet. He says, “It has been my dream to work at UCI. There is just so much going on here, so many people are changing the world. I have lived here for most of my life, and I am fascinated by the school and all it does.”