Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Take A Look: “The Weekly Planet”

By Yanit Mehta

With an intro soundtrack that begins with “red hot comic book movie news shoot em up your butthole”, the immensely Australian creators of the podcast immediately warn audiences what they’re signing up for. James Clement aka Mr. Sunday Movies (also the name of his YouTube channel) along with “Internet Celebrity” Nick Mason (who also happens to be a tram driver)  are essentially the perfect duo for a comic book themed podcast.

Every new episode of the week is consistent with running jokes, “witty banter”, and conversations about Australia that end up being hilarious even if you don’t know a thing about the continent.

Clement, along with his wife Claire Tonti’s assistance as CEO, has managed to start “The Planet Broadcasting Network” that includes several other shows like the fact based comedy podcast “Do Go On”, The Star Wars centric “Steele Wars” with comedian Steele Saunders, improvised sketches “Two In The Think Tank”, touching base with video games in “The Filthy Casuals” and several more.

Clement, Mason and Tonti have created a platform for creators all across Australia to showcase their talents to a larger audience, while having their own show evolve over the years and retaining  their angry, Australian, gremlin person charm that can somehow make every single advertisement entertaining and memorable. So, check out their next episode, probably about Black Panther, “Grab that Gem!”