Friday, April 3, 2020
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Zot Alert Suspect Steals Car for First Date

With additional reporting by Sydney Charles

Police pursued a driver in a stolen car chase on March 9 from Long Beach to UC Irvine.

According to reports by CBS Los Angeles, the driver had stolen the car in Long Beach in order to make his first date with a UCI student he met online.

Students were sent a Zot Alert detailing the suspect (a 22 year old black male in a white hoodie) and warning them to stay inside. The situation was cleared by police within an hour.

Reportedly, the suspect arrived at Arroyo Vista and picked up the girl before police got to the scene, at which time the suspect fled the car and started running from police. He left his ID in the car. The student he was at Arroyo Vista to pick up is cooperating fully with police.

A community assistant (CA), who wished to remain anonymous due to CA restrictions when communicating with media, was in the Arroyo Vista clubhouse with some residents when the police arrived.

“It was pretty wild because we had to send everyone home that was in the clubhouse, have all the buildings locked manually so no one could get in, turned off all the lights and had residents who lived too far hide with us,” she said.

An event in the clubhouse led more residents to arrive after the Zot Alert had been sent out, advising residents of Arroyo Vista to stay indoors.

“We had to keep those residents from leaving once they got there until we got the all clear.”

Camino del Sol,  Puerta del Sol and Vista del Campo were also put on lockdown, as there were rumors that the suspect was armed.

“I was super scared just because the prostaff from VDC called us and  said there was a shooter so we had to spring into action and get the residents to safety.” said the Arroyo Vista CA.

The suspect has since been arrested.