ASUCI Elections: Who Are the Candidates?

ASUCI President

Gurneel Boparai:

Boparai supports basic need security, wants to create a student sustainability rapid response program, wants to create a team to support non-traditional students, wants to improve constituency relations and promote greater transparency and accountability.

Thao ‘Annie’ Le:

Le’s platform focuses on acknowledging demands, accommodating and advocating for basic needs, normalizing mental health narrative discussions, necessitating resources for a inclusive campus climate, investing time and implementing ideas to inform others and expand student political engagement.

Sui Feng Xu:

Xu wants to hold ASUCI financially accountable, hold Aldrich Hall accountable to students, make the Student Programming Funding Board (SPFB) more transparent and lobby Aldrich Hall for more transparency.


External Vice President

Jose Santacruz:

No platform listed on website.

Holly Woods:

Woods demands the needs of students to be put first and believes that students’ voices be heard and prioritized. She wants to focus on alleviating institutional biases and put the needs of all students before the wants of administration. The areas of ASUCI Woods would like to improve on are the following: transparency, partnering, and disestablishing the hierarchy.


Internal Vice President

Sanjanaa Ellur:

As Internal Vice President, Ellur would prioritize the creation of UCI’s first permanent Legal Clinic which would provide free legal advice as well as immigration assistance and support for sexual assault, domestic violence and harassment and landlord/tenant issues.

She hopes to establish a student wellness lounge with high-tech nap pads and is proposing a new strategic model to expand resources for UCI’s Disability Services Center. She will apply her experiences creating the Zot Out Hunger program to continue advocating for campus basic needs security by establishing parking meters and sanitary products in all campus restrooms, and engaging in outreach.


Academic Affairs Vice President

Kyle Dimla:

As Academic Affairs Vice President, Dimla hopes to empower students to do well both academically and in their careers. He hopes to create a “response-based administration” that will account for student input, creating initiatives and projects that will further address concerns. He believes his previous experience  in ASUCI has prepared him for the position.

Several specific plans he intends to enact as Academic Affairs VP include  refining “the purpose of the Office of Academic Affairs and unite each commission with an overarching goal” as well as learning and promoting “awareness about the diversity of academic inequities the undergraduate student body faces and identify effective methods to support disadvantaged students.”


Student Services Vice President

Priscella McGregor:

No platform listed on website.

Dilraj Toor:

Toor’s platform includes strengthening all seven commissions that fall under Student Services. Some points of action include “maintaining support for UCI athletics events and [increasing] involvement with the usage of rallies and other similar functions” as well as “garnering as many outside sponsorships/donations as possible for Student Services.”

Toor also hopes to expand and strengthen musical events on campus and, through his position, positively contribute to the student experience on campus.


Student Advocate General

Galina Birko:

Birko hopes to contribute to students’ success and believes that collaboration and communication among students to identify special needs or interests will further allow for success on campus. Her goals are to “acknowledge, empower, and represent” all students authentically.


At Large Senator

Murad Aldoghmi

Sergio Cervantes

Faith Chua

Emma Danhash

Jessica Gabra

Justin Li

Saul Lopez-Pulido

Isaac Rubalcava

Rutuja Sabnis


Arts Senator

There are currently no candidates for this position.


Biological Science Senator

Ishwinder Battoo

Brian Damavandi

Randy Yan


Business Senator

Julie Lim


Education Senator

Vanessa Llamas


Engineering Senator

Esteban Granizo

Evan Luu

Ryan MacDonell

Daniel Martinez

Alec Vartanians

Jacky Wan


Humanities Senator

Liam Withrow


Information and Computer Science Senator

Balpreet Hehar

Bryant Gunaman

Nigina Pulatova

Priyanka Saba


Nursing Science Senator

Mebin Kuriakose


Pharmaceutical Science Senator

Henry Chan

Sofia Munoz


Physical Science Senator

Steven Jiang

Tin Math

Mohammed Shahbaz


Public Health Senator

Alexis Artounian


Social Ecology Senator

Monica Halaka

Dean Wong


Social Sciences Senator

Steven Benites

Devin Gill

Amrita Sandhu

Harveen Shergill

Truong Xe


Special Interest Transfer Senator

Zachary Springs

Gurpreet Ubbu


Special Interest Senator

Sarah Alkhatib

Yue Qi


Senate, Vice Presidential and Presidential forums will be held on April 10, 11 and 12 respectively.