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EVP Quits, ASUCI Calls For Special Elections

By Eliza Partika

ASUCI is is holding Special Elections to elect a new External Vice President (EVP) after the resignation of Zoe Broussard, the former EVP.
Article 7, Section 3, subsection C of the ASUCI Constitution states that “the Senate must call for an immediate special election to fill a vacancy for an elected officer position.”
 “Zoe Broussard, our former EVP, resigned from the position for reasons not disclosed to me,” said Georgina Danial, Elections Commissioner for ASUCI. The New University reached out to Zoe Broussard, but she did not respond.

“ASUCI’s governing bodies have multilateral [sic] determined that this requirement cannot be bypassed, as it would go against our precedent regarding the Constitution,” reads the email sent to all undergraduate students regarding the elections. The ASUCI Senate is currently amending the legislation which will allow sophomore undergraduate students to run for Executive Office. The bill, presented on April 5, 2018, was drafted with the assumption that sophomore students have sufficient experience at UCI to represent their fellow students, as per the democratic rights of the student body.
The Office of External Vice President seeks to provide students with their own agency to address the issues important to them. The EVP organizes around student and worker solidarity, and seeks to advance worker and student rights at UCI. The Office strives to provide legislation and a face to help students address these issues.
In her letter of resignation, Broussard did not mention her reason for resignation, only expressing her gratitude to ASUCI. “I am very thankful to have served the student body as the ASUCI External Vice President for the past 10 months,” wrote Broussard.

Campaigning begins on May 24 and runs until May 26. Declarations of candidacy are due May 20 at 11:59 p.m., through an application on ASUCI’s website. All UCI sophomore undergraduates are eligible to declare candidacy if the students have at least a 2.0 GPA, have not been and are not currently on academic or disciplinary probation, and are compliant with the UCI Code of Student Conduct.
The new External Vice President will take office on May 31, in Week 9. The term will last until the end of Spring Quarter 2018, June 14, 2018.