Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Parking Permit Prices Rise as New Parking Lots Installed

UCI Transportation Services has raised the prices of parking permits for the first time in three years in preparation for future parking facilities.

New facilities include a surface lot located on Bison Avenue and Health Sciences Road that will hold 1000 new stalls and 50 electric vehicle charging ports set for completion by the next academic year. A 33-stall faculty parking lot adjacent to the Multipurpose Science and Technology Building will be constructed in the coming year. These parking facilities will offset the loss of Lot 12B with the incoming Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building.

Transportation and Distribution Services Strategic Communications Manager Julianna Bayley hopes the addition of these parking structures will alleviate some stress students have felt in finding parking over the last few years.

“It’s really going to help parking congestion because it’s been tighter this last year than it has been in the past,” said Bayley. “Lot CT and AV1 closed for construction of ACC Housing.”

Students took to social media contesting the increase in permit price. Many expressed frustrations over simply having to pay more for their permits.

“I feel like I should be surprised,” said one student, “but I’ve gotten used to this.”
“Concept: we don’t pay for parking permits. Maybe then they will understand.” wrote another.

According to the UCI Transportation and Distribution Services website, the office does not receive state funding for building, operating or maintaining parking facilities, but instead relies on revenue from student, staff and faculty permits “to fund all parking projects.”

Additionally, UCI Transportation and Distribution Services Office works with individual students and with ASUCI to ensure that the transportation needs of students are accommodated.

“As a direct result of meetings with ASUCI, UCI Transportation adjusted its permit system to allow students to have the freedom to purchase permits with flexible dates so they aren’t locked in to quarters,” said Bayley. “The beauty of the system is that they can come in at any point and purchase a permit for any time frame that they choose.”

Students are able to switch the zones that their parking permits are valid for, and they have the option to turn in their permit and get a new one issued to them that is more suited to their needs. Permits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“We’ve created the system to be flexible for the students,” said Bayley. She encourages students interested in sustainable transportation to consider one of the many options available through UCI Transportation.

“Regarding the choice to drive versus other forms of transportation, we have transportation coordinators in our office who are very good at helping students explore alternatives like biking, walking, or taking the buses,” she said.

Students can access the new permit pricing on the UCI Transportation and Distribution Services website. Any questions can be taken to the Office of Transportation and Distribution Services.