ASUCI extends Student Programming Funding board voting privilege

By Christina Acevedo

ASUCI officialized the formation of its Advocacy, Public Information, and Finance Committees, and proposed legislation that would make it possible for individuals belonging to certain committees to participate in voting for the Student Programming Funding Board at their Oct. 18 senate meeting.  

The Student Programming Funding Board (SPFB) is meant to create more flexibility and inclusion by allowing members in the Public Information and Finance Committees who aren’t committee chairs to be involved in the SPFB if their request is approved. As of now, involvement in SPFB is exclusive to committee chairs.

“Committee chairs have additional responsibilities on top of those pertaining to the office of ASUCI Senator which may impede these individuals from serving effectively on the SPFB,” explains resolution R54-11.

Because of expressed concern about the resolution and its impact on committee chairs’ roles, however, the Senate agreed to move it to the Rules Committee.

One resolution that did not garner enough support and subsequently failed to be passed was R54-04. If passed, it would have allowed ASUCI to publicly approve “The $66 Fix,” a policy idea that aims to increase college affordability by removing tuition costs at community colleges, California State Universities, and schools in the University of California system.

The policy’s failure to address undocumented students contributed to the resolution’s failure to pass; the Advocacy Committee made note of its lack of inclusivity.

Resolutions that did pass during the meeting included R54-09, confirming Public Information Committee members Monica Halaka, Amrita Sandhu, Emma Danhash, Gurpreet Ubbu, and Jessica Gabra, with Devin Gill as vice chair and Harveen Shergill as chair.

R54-12, which concerns the Finance Committee, was also adopted. According to this resolution, the committee will include Brian Damavandi, Mebin Kuriakose, Sergio Cervantes, Daniel Martinez, Jo Hannah Faith Castillo Chua, Tin Math, vice chair Bryant Gunaman and chair Julie Lim.

Moreover, the Rules Committee passed legislation that formalized the Advocacy Committee. The resolution known as R54-08 lists its members as Jessica Gabra, Sophia Munoz, Evan Luu as vice chair and Randy Yan as chair.

Aside from committee formations, the Senate also discussed legislation such as B54-02 and B54-03. The former, which enables ASUCI to buy four computer chairs for the Senate Office, was passed. B54-03 which considers the funding of an event called “Why Business Sustainability Matters” on Nov. 8, was transferred to the Finance Committee.

According to B54-03, “The purpose of this event is to educate future business leaders on the important role businesses have in sustainability and to showcase students’ interests on this topic to the School of Business.”