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ASUCI Senate to Hold Special Elections

By Christina Acevedo

ASUCI Senate, on Oct. 23, decided to hold a special election to fill the spot of External Vice President (EVP) after the resignation of former EVP Holly Marie Woods, on Oct. 16. The Senate also discussed an amendment intended to improve senators’ attendance at meetings was also introduced. During the meeting, the Senate meeting addressed the current lack of guidelines in place regarding permissible absences. The Senate looked towards a resolution that could address “…ongoing issues with retention and attaining quorum in order to conduct and carry out its official duties and responsibilities.”

With the proposed amendment, criteria for what constitutes an excusable absence would be established and recorded in the ASUCI Senate bylaws. This would make it so that senators who have missed three Senate meetings without a reasonable excuse within the span of a quarter would be eligible for Senate removal. The amendment sparked controversy among senate members upon mention that classes held during Senate meetings would not classify as an excusable absence. Some senators, however, felt excusing absences because of a class overlooked a senator’s duty to represent students.

“We can’t just have Senators…never attend when they’re supposed to be there for the public,” one individual explained.

The second resolution addressed was the decision to begin campaigning for the election of a new External Vice President. According to R54-13, campaigning will begin week 7, voting will take place week 9, and the new external vice president will be announced and take office week 10.

Other resolutions that received a positive majority vote were R54-15, which determines the members of the Rules Committee, and R54-16, which approves the implementation of a special election for a student advocate general. This election is expected to follow the same timeline as that previously mentioned for R54-13.

Individuals on rules committee include Alan Calderon as chair, Saul Lopez-Pulido as vice chair, and members Priyanka Saba, Alexis Artounian, Isaac Rubalcava and Yue (Michael) Qi.

Senate also passed resolution R54-14, which will increase ASUCI’s presence at Greek Presidents’ Council Meetings by having two Senators attend the meetings on a weekly basis. This was done with regard to the fact that UCI’s Greek community comprises about 8 percent of UCI’s student population.

It is important for ASUCI to be equally representative to the student body it serves, which includes having members represent ASUCI and advocate for student communities in Senate meetings that represent significant populations on campus” the resolution declares.


Editors Update:

The following sentence was changed for clarity.

From, “ASUCI, on Oct. 23 held a special election.” was replaced with “ASUCI Senate, on Oct. 23, decided to hold a special election to fill the spot of external vice president after the resignation of former EVP Holly Marie Wood, on Oct. 16.”

A previous version this article incorrectly named the former EVP as Holly Marie Wood.

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