Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Introducing the new “Zotcourse” to UCI Students!

By Sydney Charles

For all UCI students looking for more variety when it comes to creating their schedules, second-year computer science major Tristan Jogminas has created the perfect solution: Zotcourse. Zotcourse, as Jogminas described it, is “a new version of Antplanner which allows UCI students to plan out their class schedules.”

The innovative website includes a host of new features including: the ability to click on an event for additional course information, resizable panes, the ability to import a schedule from Antplanner, the ability to change course event colors, RateMyProfessor links in calendar event and Websoc results, cleaner field inputs when saving or loading schedule, simpler notifications after saving or loading a schedule and a better print formatting.

For Jogminas, what started off as a simple quest to change a feature — the size of the panels — turned into a full revamp of Antplanner.

He explained,“My intention in creating Zotcourse was to add several features to Antplanner to make using the site a nicer experience. It started with adding resizable panels, since it bothered me to always have to scroll when the Websoc results were very wide. I shared it with my friends and they liked the addition and wanted me to add more features. After spending a significant amount of time over the summer refining the site, I decided to release it.”

The website has already garnered positive reception and feedback from students. According to Jogminas, over 600 schedules have been created thus far.

Second-year biological sciences major Govena Garewal emphasized the different aesthetics and the inclusion of Rate My Professor were some of the things she liked about Zotcourse.

Garewal noted, “The formatting and overall style of the website is an improvement from Antplanner. Also, I think that the addition of Rate My Professor is a nice touch, and it’s useful.”

Third-year public health major Rivka Jones commented on how the website’s new features appeal to her.

“It’s so fun to play around with the colors and the classes,” she said. “I also like that it’s not crazy different from Antplanner, so I was able navigate it really easily.”

This concept was exactly what Jogminas had in mind when he created the website.

He said, “I definitely plan on adding more features in the future based on feedback from students. I don’t think that everyone will be using it within the upcoming year, mainly because a lot of people don’t know about it and tend to prefer to use things they are more comfortable with. However, when creating Zotcourse I made sure to keep it as visually similar to Antplanner for that reason.”

With enrollment windows fast approaching, Zotcourse has all the features to make creating a winter quarter schedule a breeze. Students can find the website at https://zotcourse.appspot.com