Monday, July 13, 2020
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A Grape Fall Quarter Release

by Adrianna Burton

A flock of approximately 40 people filtered into HIB 1030 on Nov. 28 for New Forum’s Fall Release Party. Although the event was advertised to be from 6-8 p.m. It lasted until around 7 p.m. The shorter time was enough to show off  high-impact poetry, fiction, and newly released photos in their new release. This is the first issue of the 23rd volume of the journal’s publication history.


Editor-in-chief Misha Ponnuraju kicked off the evening with a quick introduction of the journal and thanked to her editors and contributors. One unique aspect of this particular issue is the piece included towards the end: an interview with poet Carly Joy Miller. Miller presented some poems earlier in the quarter for a different New Forum reading. In this issue, she sits down with Ponnuraju and answers some questions that all aspiring poets must hear the answer to. “There may be moments when the writing stops–and that’s okay,” says Miller. “I was very deadline-driven for years, and when the quiet happened, I welcomed it. I kept reading, so I was always thinking about poems in some capacity, and when the writing wanted to start up again, it did. And it may feel crinkly at first, but just let it take its time. It’s always there whenever we’re ready to welcome it back.”


Miller gives even more insight into her own career and personal path in poetry throughout the rest of the interview. This was the only nonfiction piece in this issue.


Another intriguing piece among a series of jaw-dropping content was a poem written in Spanish by Pablo Santibanez, a third year psychology and social behavior major. According to Sanitbanez, he has been drawn to  poetry since he was in elementary school, but developed a keen interest in poetry during and after high school. He has a wide variety of interests ranging from playing music, studying spirituality, cycling, and reading Japanese manga. The events editor, Analisa Gomez, introduced the poet and read it to the audience because like many of the other published creators, Sanitbanez was unable to attend the event. After the poem was read, there was a great response from those who spoke or read Spanish in the form of happy clapping. There was no translation provided for the poem:


“Tierra Mojado


Que creció y huyo por la distancia

Como vagabundo me comí su fruta,

Sin agradecer. Y sin verguenza.

Pidiendo más y más.

Hasta que la belleza de su flor se secó como del desierto sarahui.”


If you happened to miss this event, check out the issue online and don’t forget to come to the next issue release Winter quarter.