UCI Welcomes Angela Chan to the Dream Center

By Emily Romero


The UCI DREAM Center, the center on campus “dedicated to serving the AB540 and undocumented student population through advocacy, guidance, and support,” hosted a dinner on Thursday, Jan. 10 to welcome Angela Chan as their new Assistant Director. Students were given an opportunity to meet and get to know Chan.

Chan exhibited passion for the DREAM Center and all the programs and services it provides. In her new position, she strives not only to continue building and expanding the undocumented community within UCI, but to go further than the bounds of UCI and “amplify the passions of the community beyond citizenship status.” She emphasizes that the students of the DREAM Center are part of a diverse, passionate, and closely knit community. The DREAM Center works to support not only the academic and career goals of their students, but also their emotional and mental health.

The DREAM Center offers a variety of services and programs to support their focus on access and retention, and serving as a pipeline — a term used to signify the center’s goal to help DREAMERS achieve  success beyond completing an undergraduate degree. At the DREAM Center, students can participate in programs like DREAM Scholars and DREAM Scholars Plus, which focus on retention and provide services like tutoring, free printing, textbooks, and Graduate Record Examination scholarships. The center also hosts programs for continuing education and career shaping. Services provided by the center include free legal support for students and their families, academic consultations, financial aid guidance, and career advice. Angela and the team at the DREAM Center hope  more students will come to the space they have created and take advantage of the programs they offer. Angela explained that the services they offer are defined by student requests and that the center can accomplish more with more input.

Undocumented students have historically been an overlooked sector of university student bodies. Chan claims that UCI has the one of the highest graduation rates for undocumented students as well as  the highest number of undocumented students enrolled within the UC system, thanks to support from the DREAM Center. Undocumented students who are looking for resources to help guide their college experience, can visit the DREAM Center website find contact information and upcoming events.