ASUCI Approves Rodrigo Quintas as At-Large Senator

by Audrey Kemp

ASUCI Senate convened on Jan. 22 to pass legislation in support of budget reallocation for the Commitment to a Better Education Scholarship and to approve the appointment of Rodrigo Quintas as the at-large Senator for the spring 2019 quarter. All legislations are pending final review as per the ASUCI By-Laws.


According to ASUCI’s Internal Vice President and the Commitment to a Better Education Scholarship bill’s author, Sanjanaa Ellur, the scholarship is “aimed to assist students who demonstrate financial or personal hardship and meet the additional requirements.”


In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be current full-time or part-time undergraduate students enrolled for the spring 2019 quarter at UCI, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8, and demonstrate financial need as determined by UCI Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.


Applicants do not need to hold a particular immigration status to be eligible, but must meet at least three of the four following criteria: the student is a first-generation college student; the student is first or second generation immigrant to the United States of America; the student has demonstrated commitment to making higher education accessible, affordable and equitable; the student has demonstrated commitment to any UCI-affiliated programs, clubs or projects that may include academic achievement, leadership, community involvement or research participation.


The scholarship will be awarded to six recipients, who will each be given $1,500 for the spring 2019 term. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2019 at 5 p.m.


During their meeting, ASUCI Senate also determined the at-large Senator for the next quarter. According to Humanities Senator, Liam Withrow, The ASUCI Senate Rules Committee Senate deliberated and considered the merit of their candidates and convened on Jan.15 to interview the most qualified applicant, Rodrigo Quintas.


Rodrigo Quintas, who serves as the Senate Secretary, was elected by a majority to serve as the at-large Senator until the conclusion of spring quarter 2019.