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Munchie Madness Part Two: Instagrammable Foods in Irvine

By Allison Economou

Last time on Munchie Madness, I featured some of the craziest creations being bought and sold at small and inconspicuous locations around Southern California. Here, I list more of the places that manage to stand out among a flurry of other Instagrammable items.

5. Cali Tacos (Fries Taco Burrito)

(Cali Tacos)

Cali Tacos is the first restaurant on this list offering up a monster of an option. Located in Orange, CA, this tiny taco shop serves what is known as the FTB, or “fries taco burrito.” The contents of the burrito along with its enormous size make for an arguably inconsumable entrée. The burrito, which can be purchased for 17 dollars, is not one that should be eaten alone and is not something even a large group of friends could probably finish. Although the dish can be compacted to look less threatening by being compacted into a styrofoam box, it strays too far from a traditional burrito to be considered one. Even though the FTB is probably the only item from Cali Tacos worth Instagramming, the sweet smell, full salsa bar and fully occupied store proves that customers come for reasons other than Instagram popularity. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try Cali Tacos, but a stop might be worth it if it happens to be on the way home.

6. Slater’s 50/50 (Peanut Butter Jealousy Hamburger)


Slater’s 50/50 has multiple locations throughout Southern California, with the closest one to UC Irvine being Huntington Beach. The peanut butter jealousy hamburger is exactly what it sounds like. A patty lies between two honey wheat buns and is coated in thick, creamy peanut butter and sweet strawberry jelly. Before any arguments are made about peanut butter not belonging on a hamburger, think about the many marriages of sweet and savory that comprise some of our most loved foods. You may have to taste it to believe it, but who wouldn’t want to try something as outrageous as a PB&J burger?

7. Creme & Sugar (Unicorn Hot Chocolate)

(The Feast)

Walking into Creme and Sugar feels like walking into Alice’s Wonderland. The store’s decor, which includes a checkered floorboard, different sized mirrors, and slogans that speak directly to everyone’s favorite fairytale, is whimsical in nature and perfect for consuming magical unicorn and mermaid themed confections. Although there are many imaginative creations to choose from, the store’s most appealing item for almost all the senses is the unicorn hot chocolate. This dessert is delivered to customers in a cute mug with the store’s name printed onto it. It may be hard to believe that hot chocolate is even inside the mug as a mountain of whipped cream topped with pink sprinkles and multi colored mini marshmallows cover everything. The spoon that accompanies the decadent drink can easily be used to wade through the cream and find the rich chocolate drink inside. Contrary to what most people might assume, unicorn flavored foods are not being done that often. Except for the Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino that blew up in popularity a few years ago, unicorn desserts aren’t popping up all over cafes and bakeries in Southern California. This makes Creme and Sugar one-of-a-kind and truly an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

8. The Attic (Mac n’ Cheetos)


Long Beach may seem like a long way to go for mac and cheese, but holy mac and cheetos, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried what’s known as the Reggie! A Buzzfeed video, which generated mass popularity for this restaurant back in 2016, is still bringing in visitors from all over the world. Almost every weekend night you will see a fully packed house inside the restaurant and outdoor on the patio. windows and outdoor patio seating. The mac includes three different kinds of cheese and uses trottole noodles. Chopped bacon adds a unique flavor to the dish, but doesn’t overpower it allowing the flaming hot cheetos to act as the true star of the show. It provides the creamy, decadent flavour that is expected from mac and cheese while also providing a textural experience that is unlike anything associated with traditional dishes. The Reggie can be ordered in various sizes to share or eat alone. It can also be tried along with four other appetizers by ordering the restaurant’s appetizer sample menu option. As good as this mac and cheese is, don’t overlook what else is being served on the menu. From the ambiance to the Creole influenced cuisine, everything about this place is out of this world.

9. Krazy Cup ( Ice Cream, Chips, and Other Snacks)

(Allison Economou)

Called the “munchies bar” for a good reason, Krazy Cup is loading every snack food imaginable into plastic to-go cups with ice cream or chips. After choosing ice cream or chips as a base, customers can add things like fruit, queso, Reeses, peanuts, or chocolate sauce until their cups  overflow with sugar or sodium. A nice addition to this store is that it offers traditional Mexican candies and sweets that can be paired with similarly influenced Mexican ice cream flavors like Horchata. Although the idea is one that jives with the interest of most millennial snack lovers, compiling snack food together can easily be done at home.

10. Dahlicious Creamery (Galaxy Rolled Ice Cream)

(Dahlicious Creamery)

Although the store offers an extensive menu of rolled ice cream options, Dahlicious Creamery originally went viral for offering a galaxy rolled ice cream called Far, Far, Away. Upon first viewing, this ice cream looks too sweet to be consumable, but the birthday cake flavor that this treat goes for is rich and delicious without an added sugar rush or tooth ache. The whipped cream and sprinkles to top it off are a nice touch, and they make the treat look like a fully completed package. Apart from the ice cream itself, the store offers a fun experience as customers can watch the ice cream being rolled in front of them. The line was long and will most likely be long when you go, so sit back, relax and watch the artistry of rolling ice cream.