Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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UCI’s First Annual Concert Food Drive

By: Sydney Charles and Emma Springer

In collaboration with the FRESH Basic Needs Hub, nonprofit Showcase For a Cause held their first annual food drive concert on April 12 in Winifred Hall.

According to the concert’s program, Showcase For a Cause was founded by Skylar Duron as a part of a service project which she started as a student at Menifee High School. When Duron became a first year at UC Irvine, she was able to get the organization off the ground in December 2018 along with associates Alexis Jensen, Crystal Ngan, Samantha Huang, Professor Adriana Kraig, Edriana Tanowidjaja, Keslin Phan, and Marianna Machaen. Since then, the organization has been cultivating and striving to implement their mission of combining performing arts with community service.

Their first concert did just that.

The showcase consisted of 13 diverse performances from students, guest performers, and other on-campus organizations, including Clair de Lune, UCI’s all-female acapella group.

In addition, the cost of entry was 3 nonperishable goods; this ensured that attendees could witness an amazing performance while simultaneously giving back to the school as well.

The first act included performances from a Soundcloud rapper, Danny Dragon, who performed his song “Still Get Paid,” along with a performance of “Look What I’ve Found” by Lady Gaga, sung by Alexis Jensen. There was a wide range of genres as Ada Long performed a music theatre selection from Les Miserables, “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Duron, as the founder, performed in both acts, the first being “Breathe” from In The Heights, and the second being “Redbone” by Childish Gambino, performed with Enrique Garcia on the guitar.

The concert finished with “Imagine” by John Lennon, sung by Savannah Abdulaziz, who desired to pick a song that really aligned with the inspiration and theme of the concert.

Duron explained that her hope for the event was to get audience members thinking about what role they play in alleviating food insecurity.

She said, “We really just want people to get involved on our campus, and help alleviate food insecurity as much as they can and this is like the start: just going to a concert and donating nonperishable goods for our anteaters on campus.”

The event concluded successfully with 240 nonperishable goods collected along with 10 articles of clothing.

If you’d like more information about Showcase For a Cause, you can catch them at Celebrate UCI on Saturday, April 20, in Aldrich Park.