ASUCI hosts Earth week at student center

By: Emma Springer

Earth Week, April 22 to April 26, was kicked with a tabling event hosted by ASUCI on the Student Center Ring. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., multiple tables were set up to promote sustainability and encourage an awareness of each student’s environmental impact.

At the event, students were given stamp cards and were about to  collect stamps by approaching different booths. With the stamps from different booths, participants could redeem sustainable items, including reusable straws, mesh grocery bags, wooden toothbrushes, and sustainable soap.

These booths included representatives from many campus organizations and departments coordinating with UCI’s Sustainability Co-Curricular Working Group (SCWG).

A table for Green Turtle Co. promoted the use of reusable straws. Minh Le, a UCI alumnus, said the company aims to offer high quality products at affordable prices.

UCI Dining also hosted an activity at a table where participants could tie shirts into reusable bags and were informed about the discounts offered when bringing reusable cups to certain locations. Some deals include 10 cents off any Starbucks drink and 50 cents off at any Ecogrounds location.

The UCI Transportation booth provided  flyers with information on bus routes as well as upcoming cycling classes. UCI Transportation explained to students that it is easier, and quite often cheaper, to travel by public transportation and biking than driving a car; doing so would also reduce pollution.

The Irvine Ranch Water District also participated in the event to encourage water conservation while handing out paper garden stakes to plant wildflowers.

The on-campus non-profit, Climatepedia, set up games to promote their club and meme page, @climate_memes.

The FRESH Basic Needs Hub promoted the importance of food donations.

At the main booth, Sustainability Project Commissioner Victoria Nguyen showed an informational video on the impact of climate change for our future generations, as well as how to make zero waste facemasks.

While helping people make facemasks and giving out potted plants, Vian Nguyen said “the goal of our event is to be zero waste, or as zero waste as possible.”