Thursday, June 4, 2020
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UCI Welcomes Prospective Students at Celebrate UCI

by: Emily Aguilar

Celebrate UCI, theannual event catered toward prospective students, was held at Aldrich Park on April 20.

Between attempting to break the internet with the most amount of posts with the hashtag #zotzotzot and attending student and faculty discussion panels, prospective students and their families were invited to take a glimpse of what UCI had to offer.

Students were encouraged to register to tour the campus and the residency halls, sit in on faculty lectures, visit the campus bookstore, but more than anything, feel out UCI to determine whether it was the right fit for them.

This year alone, UC Irvine received over 117,000 student applications for admission to the Fall 2019 quarter, making it the third most applied-to UC campus, according to UCI’s news website.

While some of the students who attended Celebrate UCI had committed to UCI, others were yet to decide.

To help students make an informed decision, a myriad of student organizations, campus clubs, intramural sports, UCI sponsors, and food truck vendors swarmed the Aldrich Park lawn. Booths set up by the organizations  showcased the variety of projects and opportunities available at UCI.

For Negar Mojgani, a newly committed incoming biology major, UCI felt like the right fit.  

“I imagine myself here because of the great environment.”

Other incoming students like  Karely Garcia, a first year undeclared prospective student, needed a little more swaying.

“I haven’t committed to UCI, yet. But I probably will. I’m excited about dorming and meeting new people. I got here at 8:30 a.m., so I’ve had time to stop by the academic booths. [Any] anxieties I had coming in, this event has eased them. Because I know everyone is new too.”