Saturday, March 28, 2020
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ASUCI Sustainability Project Commission uses A climate change themed​ Escape room

By: Christina Acevedo

Photo Credit: Calvin Vu

A climate change escape room was held by the ASUCI Sustainability Project Commission in the Cross Cultural Center during UCI’s annual Earth Week last month. The project’s commissioner, Victoria Nguyen, said the point of the escape room was to provide students with an active way to increase their knowledge of climate change but also to inspire them.

“We found it more impactful for students to be part of the change and for them to figure out solutions,” Nguyen said.

The students navigated through the different rooms, which were centered around ocean, arctic, and landfill themes. Students were tasked with completing an array of activities that required them to test their understanding of climate change issues related to these topics. In one activity, students were also able to practice sorting items for recycling.

Once students finished the escape room, they were presented with an informational list highlighting recently removed environmental regulations. According to Nguyen, the intention behind the list was a call to action.

“The end of the escape room was an outdoor area with mirrors, along with a list of 78 environmental regulations that Trump had repealed, in order to show that you can be the solution to climate change by making your vote matter in the upcoming 2020 presidential election,” Nguyen explained.

Currently, another escape room is in the works for the following school year. When asked about her experience, senior and attendee Heaven Howse touched on how enjoyable the experience was.

“It was very informative, especially the recycling part,” Howse said.