Saturday, July 11, 2020
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What The 2 Billion Dollar Campaign “Brilliant Future” Means For UCI

by: Cassidy Calliste

UCI announced the official launch of the Brilliant Future campaign, which is the second 10-figure philanthropic effort in its history, on Friday, Oct. 4. Students, faculty and alumni attended the opening of Brilliant Future. Chancellor Howard Gillman, who gave a speech on the funding efforts of the campaign, was also in attendance.

The strategic plan, listed on the official website for Brilliant Future, states that this philanthropic effort will unveil new ways to support and enhance experiences for the UCI community—past, present and future. 

Brilliant Future’s strategic vision sets out a bold road map for growth and expansion, while being mindful of the need to develop new models for financial sustainability. It builds on UCI’s strengths to make the university even better. 

The campaign will work to raise $2 billion for students, faculty, practitioners, artists and innovators to implement its strategic plan. Brilliant Future will use its funding to understand in depth how to develop groundbreaking evidence for potential cures, a major goal of the campaign. Along with UCI Alumni, the Brilliant Future campaign will also implement changes to improve the art, humanities and culture programs.

Brilliant Future relies on four pillars: Growth, Elevation, Connection and New Paths. Using these four strategies UCI will work on major goals to improve various organizations on campus. According to Brilliant Future’s website, the campaign will work to develop more humanities programs and seek justice to underrepresented communities. UCI’s arts will establish the UCI Institute and Museum of California Art to evoke the beauty and research to create California art. 

With the support of the alumni community, more jobs can be created in order to diversify these programs and thus expand the learning threshold for students. 
In Chancellor Howard Gillman’s email concerning Brilliant Future, he stated “with your participation – and in partnership with our community of supporters – the time is right for us to dramatically increase our investment in new programs and people so that we can reach ever-greater levels of excellence and make an even stronger impact on the world.”