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Halloween Costume Inspiration From 2019’s Best Film & TV

By: Jungmin Lee

Photo courtesy of: Netflix

Update 10/30/19: This article previously mistakingly said “Greta’s lee character” and has now been corrected to “Greta Lee’s character”.

“Midsommar” Cult Members

Photo Courtesy of: Everett Collection

Take a cue from the Swedish cult in “Midsommar,” the creepiest yet most stylish festival goers to hit the big screen this year. Somewhere in between Coachella bohemian and traditional folk, the aesthetic of these outfits is easy to nail. Find a white, floor-length dress that’s embroidered with red or blue floral patterns. Or you could go with a similarly colored two-piece set of a long sleeved blouse and maxi skirt. The frocks should feel light and airy; cotton or linen will best resemble the silhouettes of the Harga people. As for your hair, keep it simple with loose waves, pigtail braids or a crown braid. Grab the defining accessory: a flower crown fit for the May Queen. 

Maddy Perez from “Euphoria”

Photo Courtesy of: Twitter user @gucciartx

Who said hot girl summer was over? Live out your old high school fantasies and dress up as Maddy Perez, one of the breakout stars of HBO’s series, “Euphoria.” While you can opt for a number of the outfits worn by the popular and troubled teen, be prepared to show some skin. Think tight, cropped and cut-outs — anything that makes you feel like the most confident babe in the room. Perhaps a Y2K matching set or a glittery black dress similar to Maddy’s prom look? Complete your costume with high-femme makeup and accessories such as a dramatic black winged eyeliner and some rhinestone gems glued along your lash line. Grab a pair of gold hoop earrings and you’re set to be the center of attention wherever you go. For more inspiration, check out the Instagram of the show’s official makeup artist. 

Ashley O from “Black Mirror”

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

This Halloween you can rock a purple wig and channel Ashley O, the beloved pop star played by Miley Cyrus in the most meta “Black Mirror” episode to date. Along with a bob hairdo, slip on your favorite white crop-top and silver spandex shorts. Like the character’s viral music video, “On a Roll,” get your strut on with a pair of thigh-high, white leather boots. You can carry a mic with you to capture the full celebrity essence. Smile for the camera and put on your glowiest face with a generous hand of bronzer and highlighter.  

Nadia and Maxine from “Russian Doll”

Photo Courtesy of: IMDB

“Russian Doll,” the Emmy-winning Netflix comedy, emanates surreal vibes with fashion choices that scream spooky season. Dress as the lead, Nadia, played by the iconic Natasha Lyonne. If you’re not naturally blessed with a red and curly mane like her then you can wear a wig. The rest of the costume is fairly basic. You’ll need a black oversized blazer draped over a black, high-neck blouse. To distinguish yourself as the neurotic protagonist, accessorize with a gold pendant necklace and bauble rings. Do you want some more pizazz? Say, “sweet birthday baby!” and be Greta Lee’s character for the night — the cool and effervescent Maxine. Center the outfit around her top, a chiffon turquoise blouse with billowing see-through sleeves. Then pile on layers of jewelry: a black choker, silver chain and a longer gold chain necklace will do the trick. For finishing touches, put your hair in a faux bob cut or use a short, black wig. Don’t forget her signature bright blue eyeliner. Make sure to draw way above where you’d normally apply it — an eccentric look for an even more eccentric gal.