Friday, July 10, 2020
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ASUCI Hosts First Vendor Fair Of The Year

By: Cassidy Calliste

Graphic Design by Alexis Cormier

ASUCI hosted its first UCI Vendor Fair of the year from Oct. 7 to Oct. 11. Spanning across Ring Road, the fair consisted of items geared towards student needs at an affordable price. Brands that participated include: Seoul Street Korean-American cuisine, Green Turtle’s reusable straws and Angry Little Girls merchandise.  

Students had the opportunity to interact with the campus and ASUCI, while being able to shop as well. Vendors sold accessories, reusable straws and a variety of foods. 

ASUCI also used the fair as a platform for student services. Vendor Fair Commissioner and third-year mechanical engineering student Daniel Martinez explained what other student resources were available at the fair.

“The office of academic affairs provided free scantrons and testing material, IVP student support and advocacy commission provided platform for student concerns and UCI Decide helped register students to vote,” he said.

ASUCI’s goal is centered around making students feel welcomed and included in the UCI community by providing events like the UCI Vendor Fair. 

“This year we worked with other offices under the ASUCI Office of the Internal President, to connect our student government with the student body,” Martinez said. “The vendors that are chosen to participate rely on ASUCI’s definition of ‘student wants.’” An example of this is Green Turtle’s reusable straw initiative, a concern important to the UCI community. 

ASUCI is in the process of getting Filipino food as a way to “increase the diversity” of the food vendors during the fair and maximize student satisfaction.  

Vendor fairs are held weeks two and 10 of Fall quarter, week six of Winter quarter and week seven of Spring quarter. 

“The vendor fair commision is working on a new vendor fair website to streamline vendor applications and publish about quarterly events,” Martinez said. 

Students and potential vendors will have the ability to apply to vendor and seek further information on the fair itself. 

More information on their upcoming events can be found on their website.