Thursday, July 9, 2020
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ASUCI Senate Votes To Create A Social Ecology Dean’s AMbassador Council

by: Ian Silver

Graphic design by Alexis Cormier

ASUCI Senate voted to create a Social Ecology Dean’s Ambassador Council through legislation R55-08 at their meeting on Oct. 29. They also voted to appoint Public Health Senator Alexis Artounian to Rules Committee and Social Ecology Senator Saad Iqbal to Advocacy Committee as part of legislation R55-10 at their meeting on Oct. 24.

Legislation R55-10, Fall 2019 Senate Standing Committee – Composition Amendment, was authored by At-Large Senator Rodrigo Quintas. 

According to R55-10,“[A]ll Senate members are required to sit in a standing committee per ASUCI Governing Documents.” 

As part of this legislation, Artounian and Iqbal were added to the current committee board. The board will terminate at the end of Fall Quarter 2019.

Legislation R55-08, Support of Social Ecology Dean’s Ambassador Council, was authored by School of Social Ecology Senator Daniel Palafox. The legislation aims to support the  creation of a student council within the School of Social Ecology. 

Student councils, which exist within each school at UCI, are meant to provide students with a platform to voice their concerns to faculty members and work with them. 

ASUCI Senate voted unanimously to approve the legislation, allowing students to begin the formation of the Social Ecology Dean’s Ambassador Council. 

“Congratulations, Mr. Palafox … we wish the School of Social Ecology the best luck in forming this and being active representatives of the School,” Quintas said. 

During their meeting on Oct. 29, ASUCI Senate also voted on legislation R55-12, Appointment of Student Advocate General Staff [2019-2020]. 

According to this legislation, which is authored by Iqbal, “ASUCI has three branches of government that are required to have all [vacant] seats filled with proper due process.”

One of the three seats to be filled was the External Deputy Student Advocate General, who advises students about their rights and how those rights interact with other state and federal laws.  

The other, Internal Deputy Student Advocate General, teaches the student body how their rights interact with ASUCI and how ASUCI conducts activities.

The third seat vacancy, Chief Accountability Officer, enacts different “accountability, transparency and ethics policies within ASUCI.”

These three positions were filled by a unanimous vote from ASUCI senate. Feiyang Gu was appointed as External Deputy Student Advocate General, Cheshtha Talwar as Internal Deputy Student Advocate General and Wiley Wilson as Chief Accountability Officer.