Friday, July 10, 2020
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Quality Customs Distributions Move Headquarters from Irvine to Frisco

By: Dhanika Pineda

Photography: QCD

Quality Custom Distribution (QCD), a fast-food industry supplier of various industrial supplies and machinery for a number of fast food restaurants in Irvine, will soon be moving their Irvine headquarters to a new complex in Frisco, Texas in Jan. 2020.

Irvine students and community members are familiar with the booming business plaza, University Town Center (UTC). UTC is home to a variety of eateries, from sit down restaurants such as Breakfast Republic to fast food restaurants such as Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A. These popular fast-food restaurants are among many serviced by QCD, and may soon experience changes, as QCD moves from their convenient local position to a distant headquarters.

In 2006, QCD was established as the logistics division under the much-larger corporation Golden State Foods (GSF). Though the two companies are somewhat interconnected, QCD handles its own operations, as their services are specific to custom distributions per client. They handle “odd jobs” regarding equipment or other specific machinery to clients. An article from the Orange County Register GSF, thoroughly explains one example of this in which QCD provides a warehouse with machinery solely dedicated to peeling bananas for Starbucks. GSF, on the other hand, handles the distribution of actual food. GSF is based in Irvine, but will not be making the move with QCD, meaning the food distribution will remain the same.

Founded in 1947, GSF began as a meat provider for restaurants and hotels in Southern California. Soon after their establishment, the corporation acquired a new business partner, McDonald’s, who has helped them become the powerful figure they represent in the food distribution community today.

By moving QCD’s headquarters to Frisco, the company hopes to find more opportunities to establish themselves in a similar to the way their mother company, GSF, has. The prime location and overall healthy business community of North Texas will help them do so. 

The Frisco headquarters is set to hold 30-45 employees, a mix of both relocated employees and new hires. According to a public statement from QCD, “[The move] will maximize company efficiencies by placing multiple services, including finance, accounting, customer service and purchasing, into one location.”

The New University has reached out to QCD for further comment but has not received a response.