Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Urban Outfitters Merchandise Now AvaIlable At The HIll

by: Cassidy Camille

Photo by Sahil Jagad

Urban Outfitters and Barnes & Noble College collaborated to provide a pop up section of Urban Outfitters inside UCI’s bookstore The Hill. This collaboration is a company wide affiliation of Urban Outfitters; UCI is only one of ten universities to be apart of this. 

COO of Barnes & Nobles College Lisa Malat stated, “college students want more variety from their campus stores.” The pop up provides a variety of mens and women’s clothing, accessories, and home products. This allows students to shop a popular trending store, without the need for transportation. The store is in the vicinity of student housing, providing a great way for student’s to easily customize their space. 

“Our recent research found that today’s college students expect more from campus retail than just a ‘traditional bookstore,’” Malat said.

The collaboration aims to establish a sociable and custom experience to student shopping. The college experience is already difficult, so being able to personalize the experience is important for students. 

“This is a great way for students to have access to fresh and fun products, while experiencing a whole new student-centered shopping experience,” general manager at The Hill Stacy Weidner said. 

Barnes & Noble’s College Insight page said, the partnership reflects the Generation Z population’s self-expression and socialization. The items sold are tailored to supply students with materials needed for school that also allow them to express themselves. Item assortments are changed based on the evaluations of student purchases and will be replenished throughout the year. 

Malat stated, “Keep an eye out for online sweepstakes and email promotions within this partnership. The shop may not be permanent, so we recommend to visit before the end of the year.”